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Contrary to popular belief and a 2014 survey done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine that claimed women want intercourse to last 23 minutes, it’s not always about reaching the double digits. Sometimes a simple five minutes will do. I mean, even Miguel’s “Quickie” mapped it out perfectly.

According to a survey of 50 sex professionals (including doctors, psychologists and other researches who are in constant contact with sexually active women through their profession), conducted Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani of Penn State, five minutes (the median between 3 to 7 minutes) was the average for “satisfactory” sex.

The results detailed that 1-2 minutes was “too short,” 3-7 minutes was “adequate,” 7-13 minutes was “desirable,” and 13-30 minutes was “too long.” Of course, researchers also made note that the whole idea that intercourse has to be a full-course marathon comes from the media’s unreal portrayal of it.

A number of sexperts also shared that while men usually take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to climax, it can take a woman about 10 to 20 minutes (with foreplay included, less with foreplay excluded). Not to mention, 75 percent of women also experience “clitoral” climaxes, which can bring lead them to an orgasm quicker.

Interestingly enough, the same conversation was brought up in an older segment of The Real’s “Girl Chat” where the co-hosts shared their preferences when it comes to putting it down in the bedroom. The round table conversation  revealed that the average time was 7 to 13 minutes for exceptional sex. Adrienne Bailon spoke first, sharing that her idea time was “20-30 minutes”:

“I think more people would have [sex] more frequently if they didn’t think… it would be a 3 hour marathon. I hear a lot of women say ‘I don’t want to have as much of it because I’m tired!’ I feel like on weekdays and on work days, a good 20-30 minutes is right on point. That is including kissing and foreplay. A good 20 or 30 minute as a night cap or when you wake up in the morning!”

Tamar, who was on the show at the time, was shocked by Adrienne’s comments about a half-hour rendezvous. “20 minutes is not something crazy you guys! 30 minutes is not a lot of time; that’s as long as a sitcom!” said Adrienne, defending her stance. “I think that people that want to have this hour long situation, there are for sure snack breaks in-between, a little rest time, and some ‘Can you grab me a water out the fridge.’”

Tamera chimed in, saying, “I believe there are two different ways you can have intercourse. For one, I really enjoy making love. Making love requires time. To me, that is like 15 minutes, that is not including foreplay.  Then I believe there is another way of having intercourse, which is the “wam, bam, thank you ma’am,” which is like 5 minutes.”

Nevertheless, when it comes to intercourse, it’s all about knowing your body and what satisfies both you and your partner. But ladies, seriously, would five minutes do you well? Or do you need more time?

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