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The Mane Choice

The Mane Choice

Whenever the seasons are on the verge of changing, you can find me creating a new hair regime to combat whatever damage the weather wants to impose on my relaxed hair.

Thankfully, this year I didn’t have too look far for a new product. While attending MN’s Culture Editor Veronica WellsBettah Days book launch, myself and other women were not only exposed to the behind-the-scenes brilliance of how she crafted the best-selling book but we were also given hair and skin products that are on every Black woman’s to-try list.

Case in point, The Mane Choice’s 3-In-1 Conditioner. Upon receiving what should be considered the Holy Grail of Conditioners, I immediately unscrewed the top, like a five-year-old to see if (by the smell alone) the conditioner was worthy of placing on top of my tresses. Once it passed my smell test, I made plans to use it as a detangling conditioner after coming from the gym.  Since  I swear I’m a background dancer for Big Freedia, I often return from the gym with sweat-soaked hair that is one step away from breakage. Shape Magazine reports, sweat-soaked hair is susceptible to breakage because sweat is a mixture of the body’s water, salt and protein. “Sweat is a combination of water and salts, plus some protein. When hair gets wet, it’s easily stretched and damaged. And the salts in it can cause hair to lose color faster,” Eric Spengler told Shape in an interview. Cosmetologist Christie Cash also shared with Shape that, “Sweat can dry out your scalp and prevent new hair growth.”

After washing my hair with shampoo, I used a nickel size amount of The Mane Choice’s 3-In-1 Conditioner in my chin length hair. While washing my hair I noticed there was a quarter-size amount of hair shedding that resulted from combing out my hair while washing it. So, I decided to detangle my hair with the conditioner and cover it with a conditioning cap for five minutes. Afterward, I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair with lukewarm water. While combing my hair out, I noticed that the conditioner made my hair shedding non-existent and it smelled like vanilla with a hint of peppermint oil. Not only did it reduce my hair shedding, greatly, but it made my new-growth feel softer than a newborn’s hair. To style it, I decided to blow-dry my hair and much to my surprise there were no hair fly-aways decorating my bathroom sink.

The Mane Choice website reports that:

“The nutrient contents of this conditioner makes the hair less dry and less prone to breakage by allowing the hair to hold in more moisture for longer periods of time. When used a Co-Wash this unique formula gently rinses away impurities and product build up. Infused with Biotin and Tea Tree to promote growth and retention. No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Formaldehydes

●Gentle enough for daily use

●Promotes growth and retention.

● Softly rinses hair from impurities and product buildup.

●Leaves hair feeling revitalized and refreshed.

●Instantly hydrates and moisturizes.

●Helps to remove knots & tangles

●Minimize damage and breakage.”

This product is the perfect conditioner to use  all-year round and for all hair types. Most importantly, it is a must have for the Fall and Winter seasons where the air becomes drier and temperature, colder.

Trust me, you won’t regret purchasing it, ever!

Here are examples of my seven-week-old relaxed hair after using The Mane Choice 3-In-1 Conditioner.



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