Single Parents And The One Night Stand: Can It Lead To A Relationship?

September 1, 2016  |  

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Back on the dating scene, some single parents feel the need to rush into a “relationship.” But what happens when you mistake lust for something with potential?
There are a myriad of ways that people can meet and get together. Most people think that there should be some kind of process to dating and building. There are people who have been lifelong friends and came together for their happily ever after many years later. Then there are others who meet one time and know they’ve found the one. While some people take their time to be intimate, others get it in right away. According to traditional rules, unions that rush into intimacy aren’t built to last.
Is it true? Can a one night stand be the start of a beautiful relationship?
When it comes down to it, relationships will work if the people involved want them to work. Sleeping with someone on a first or second date shouldn’t determine whether or not two people can stay together. As adults, we are all capable of making decisions and doing what we want to do. Society presses people to look down upon others who decide that sex is something that they want, especially on a first date. The woman who sleeps with a man on a first date is considered a “hoe” and not “wife material.” Most people would say she lacks judgement and makes poor decisions. When discussing the man involved, he gets props. That one-sided judgement has been around since high school and some people carry it into their adult lives…no bueno.
Sexual compatibility is a very important part of any relationship. Sex on the first date can help alleviate the mystery behind if he/she can “get it in” or not. There is no denying chemistry and acting on grown folk desires is okay. Getting to know someone is pointless if there is no connection sexually. A lot of the time, what affects people most is how other people react to the situation. If the match-up was meant to be, it will be. Acting on one’s sexual desires won’t change that and if it does then he/she is not the one.
Attraction is sometimes heightened when sex is thrown into the mix of a new courtship and can turn things up a notch. Don’t get it twisted, if the parties involved aren’t mature enough to handle such an event things could go downhill quick. Usually, men are the ones who are quick to judge the women who act on their sexual desires.
She’s sexy and a mom? I don’t know, man.
They worry about what other people may say about the encounter, especially if he’s feeling her. If his friends disapprove of his one night stand, he probably won’t call her again. It’s his loss because she could be the one.
Believe it or not, there are plenty of successful relationships and marriages that are a result of people having a one night stand. Building a foundation is also a key component to a successful relationship. If you decide to sleep with someone on a first or second date, don’t let it be the thing that defines the relationship.
Get to know your partner and grow with them. Think of the sex as just a perk.

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