Stank Attitude Alert: Signs That You Might Be Bitter

September 16, 2011  |  
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As women, we have a lot on our shoulders. We bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, take care of children, parents, siblings, sometimes without the help of a partner. As wages fall, costs rise, and relationships fail, bitterness can creep into our lives. Sometimes we take out these frustrations on customers, loved ones, strangers and small animals when the real problem lies within. Lashing out with a negative attitude is not an effective way of dealing with stress. Putting negative energy out always draws more negativity into our lives. Unfortunately, we can be so wrapped up in our own resentment that we don’t realize how unpleasant our attitude has become. Here are the signs that you have a stank attitude and some suggestions on how change it.

You Try To Find a Flaw in Every Beautiful Woman

A bitter woman has got a critical thing to say about every pretty family member, co-worker, or stranger that crosses her path. Ms. Bitterness loves a red carpet so that she can hate on beautiful celebrities. She snarks about their dresses, hair, and body. If this is you, stop. There’s a difference between having an honest opinion and just hating. Do you live up to the ridiculous standards that you hold other women to? I’m guessing you don’t. So it’s time to take that nasty attitude to the cleaners.

Attitude Antidote:  Put yourself in that celebrity’s shoes. It would be hard to be constantly photographed and judged on every pound gained and every body imperfection. Celebrity or civilian, all women have an extremely high beauty standard that we are expected to live up to.  Celebrate the beauty of every woman instead of focusing on her flaws. Look in the mirror and appreciate your own beauty. You won’t be threatened by other women if you love yourself.

You Have Random Outbursts of Hostility

Do you overact to everything? I know the waiter brought you lukewarm soup, but damn! Did he deserve to get cussed out like he murdered your parents? Does the slightest criticism at work or from your spouse send you flying off the handle and lead to damaged property? If this is you Boo-Boo, you need some anger management, stat! Your stank attitude is out of control.

Attitude Antidote: Whenever you feel rage rising up inside, take three deep breaths. Ask yourself: What am I really upset about? Is it cold soup or do you just feel stressed about something unrelated? If someone has truly disrespected you, let them know in a calm, logical fashion. It will be more effective. Loud people usually get tuned out.

You Are Debbie Downer 24/7

Do you refuse to let anyone have a good time? Do you ALWAYS want to discuss the war in Iraq, worldwide famine or drowned puppies over drinks at the bar? Listen, it’s called happy hour for a reason. We all know that horrible things happen in the world and there are times to discuss these topics. However, there are also times to relax and have fun.  And let’s be real: bringing up depressing events during happy occasions is really just your attempt to make everyone else as miserable as you are.

Attitude Antidote: If people are having a good time, try to think of fun, happy topics to introduce into the conversation. If you’re in a bad mood and can’t fake it, remove yourself from the situation and tell your sad tales to Ben and Jerry on your couch.  Don’t drag everyone down with your negative energy. They will stop inviting you out and you’ll be even more bitter if you have no friends.

You Find a Reason to Hate on EVERYONE’S Happy Relationship

If your friend is happy with her good man, do you look for reasons to believe he’s an undercover loser?  Do you try to sabotage her relationship by harping on his faults or suggesting that he’s cheating? Stop, honey; you are drenched in Haterade and everyone can see it.

Attitude Antidote: Accept that there are good men out there and if your friend found one, you can too. Admire the good things about your friend’s man and try to be happy for her. If you can’t be happy for her, at least keep your opinions to yourself.

Do you have someone in your life with a stank attitude?

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