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The beaches are poppin’ and people are headed to the beach by the carloads. Families and children are a very common sight, as well as preggo mommies-to-be. Despite their changing bodies, some women still grace the shoreline in their two-piece bikinis. While pregnancy is a natural occurrence, some people feel repulsed by the visual. There are quite a few folks who want the women to wear one-piece suits and cover up with wraps and shawls. Some women take it to the next level and wear half-shirts to expose their belly, even when they aren’t at the beach.

Even though the beach is an appropriate place to wear a bikini, should pregnant women go bare bellied and wear them?

Exposing a pregnant belly in public gets mixed reviews. Older, more traditional folks consider it almost a sin and prefer that pregnant women stay covered. There is a certain stigma about women and their bodies when it comes to pregnancy and respecting their transition is pretty much mandatory. When it is that women come outside with their pregnant belly exposed, it almost forces people to embrace their decision to show it. While at the beach, a woman in bikini is considered sexy. A pregnant woman in a bikini can be sexy but that classification is in the eye of the beholder.

There are plenty of maternity bathing suits and beachwear that are designed to flatter the pregnant mom and her belly. These pieces have a lot more material but still manage to flatter the body without exposing the belly. The sexiness that comes with a bikini isn’t something that should be associated with a pregnant mom. Being proud of the human body and its changes during pregnancy is something that comes from within. If flaunting it makes a woman feel good then by all means, do you. Just keep in mind that the same kind of sexiness that is associated with a bikini isn’t the maternal kind.

Aside from the visual, pregnant women with their bellies exposed at the beach need to take certain precautions. The sun can be dangerous and having a full-blown exposed belly doesn’t seem like a safe thing to do. Sunscreen is a definite must do. It is important that mother’s wear the utmost protective sunscreen so that their bumps don’t burn. Sunburn is very dangerous and can cause harm to a pregnant mom and her bump. The elevated body temperatures that can occur when exposed to the sun is very dangerous to mom and baby. Making sure that those temperatures are regulated is key to staying safe when in the sun. Staying hydrated is also a big deal. Drinking plenty of water is important during pregnancy but even more so if mom and baby are in the sun.

When all is said and done, if a woman feels comfortable enough to go out with her belly hanging out of a bikini, DO IT!

Being pregnant is a challenge and feeling good is important. So long as the baby is not in harm’s way and sun protection is a priority, let that belly go uncovered. If people don’t like it, too bad. There are worse things going on in the world and seeing a pregnant momma in a bikini is the least of them.

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