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Is Nick Cannon a Hotep?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s review the evidence, shall we:


For those with limited data, the title of the piece is entitled, “ If I See Another F#cking Slave Movie”

and it features Cannon dressed in all black like the Omen doing spoken word about his hatred for historical slave narratives over a jazz beat that sounds like it was ripped form Spike Lee’s Mo’ Betta Blues.

Some of the highlights include:

“I get it! You used to treat us like animals

I get it! You see me as Sambo

Now you feel bad tho!

So you green light these movies

Instead of giving us roles like Rambo

Because y’all know if you gave me a machine gun

I’m letting off all the ammo

Into every executive that I can Yo!

Not out of hate, just frustration and pay back

So stay back about 40 acres and a Maybach

Institutionalize us with white lies but steady trying to tell us to stay black.

Conditioned our minds to make us feel behind

Only to make them feel better about where they at!

If I see another fucking Slave movie…

I’mma set this theater on fire!

But they keep telling me Black Films don’t sell to international buyers

Then why you keep making the Butlers, Django, Amistad and Roots over and over again

Is it Just to show us the power of White men

Or to have our kids head spinning like a Nickelodeon

I know y’all like there he go again

Little Nick from Nickelodeon

On his soapbox going in!

But he don’t know the pain we in

But I’m just showing them, that this social programming ain’t going unnoticed fam!

So Fuck 12 Years A Slave, how about 10 Thousand Years of Brave.

It’s time for the new Emancipation Proclamation

And this time I’mma play the role of Ol’ Honest Abe

And in my Gettysburg Address

I’mma discuss the 4 score and 4 hundred of years of mess, Yes!

These grotesque history book lies, and Hollywood fairy tales they been forcing us to digest.”

The irony that the video for this poem about Cannon’s disdain for seeing images of Black people abused by White people is filled with the very images he says he is tried of seeing, is not lost on me.

By the way, Cannon has his own production company. None of the listed projects are films and or television shows about Kings and Queens. But there is one show with a token Black guy in it…

Listen, I get it: Anyone with two eyes can see that America loves Black suffering. Likewise our suffering is both entertainment and an art form. But when I hear some of the pushback from us specifically, I can’t help to hear a lot of shame in it. We tend to use the term “slave” and “slavery” as slurs against each other. And while the institution deserves to be ridiculed, those who were oppressed and enslaved do not. And every time we reject and deflect from the role our people played in building this society, I feel like we are doing to our ancestors, the same thing the oppressors did. And that is erasing them from history and denying them their humanity.

Charing Ball is a writer, cultural critic, free-thinker, slick-mouth feminist and queen of unpopular opinions from Philadelphia. To learn more, visit

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