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Six months ago, Tasha Smith was granted an annulment regarding her three-year marriage to her former partner Keith Douglas, who filed a restraining order against the actress and claimed that she made threats against his life. Shortly after, Smith filed for divorce was ordered to pay Douglas $7,000 each month in spousal support — and then, the truth came out. Not only had Douglas covered up the fact that he’d been married five times before, but he also failed to disclose his criminal past and the number of children he fathered. As a result, the actress was granted an annulment — something the 45-year-old now refers to as a “miracle.”

“I have had the best life and experiences, ever. And honestly, the annulment, which I constantly celebrate, because it’s pretty much a miracle when you think about it,” Smith told Hollywood Today Live.

She continued:

“Like, after a three-year fraudulent marriage, to be able to get it annulled is amazing and it was the best experience ever because you know I just learned so much and I’m free! Really, I’ve only been married one time (laughs).”

Going forward, Smith says that background checks will definitely be incorporated into her dating routine.

“You can’t believe everything that everyone says, and I actually didn’t think that I was that famous to the point where somebody would look at me as a mark to be able to try to set me up and con me. I was just oblivious to the reality to how desperate people are and now it’s all about a background check, honey,” she said. “I don’t care if you just want to kiss the brother, you call up and I got a good private investigator.”

She’s also encouraging other women to do their homework as well.

“And I just think that us — as career women — we’ve got to protect ourselves. And when men come to us that we don’t know and we don’t know their families, I think it’s important for us to do a serious background check so we can know who we’re dealing with,” Smith said.

Oh, and Tasha has not been jaded by her experiences. Currently, she’s playing the field and although she’s not looking to settle down, she insists that there is a surplus of good men to choose from.

“I used to think there was a shortage of men, but there really isn’t,” she said. “I feel like a child. There is no shortage.”

Do you conduct background checks on potential partners?

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