How The Oil Cleansing Method Has Changed The Game For My Skin

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I’ve written about my battle with acne woes to the point of exhaustion. What’s interesting is though having acne may seem like a nightmare for most folks, my mild acne breakouts don’t really stress me out like they used to. In fact, I don’t spend a sh-t ton of time thinking about every dark mark and blemish. After high school, when having pimples was like an invisible prison of insecurity and self-consciousness, it became less of this tragic thing and more of just a part of who I was. Though I’m no longer chained by the emotional devastation of having zits spring up whenever they please, I do avoid slathering on a bunch of creams and ointments as not to worsen my skin issues. I learned very quickly my sensitive mug likes change about as much as black women like Drake without his beard, so I rarely deviate from my small arsenal of acne-fighting weapons. One day, though, I stumbled upon the oil cleansing method and nothing was the same.

Look, I’m typically in a perpetual state of being unimpressed with beauty products and trendy, new techniques. I’ve just never been a girl who gets lost in brightly lit, CoverGirl-lined aisles at Target. Plus, I’d rather reach for natural remedies rather than chemically-processed goop because I low-key think everything causes cancer. At the time, though, I realized the oil cleansing method might be worth a try. In my mind, I felt that my skin couldn’t get much worse. My face was responding nicely to Yes to Tomatoes, a non-abrasive formula specifically designed for acne-prone skin, but I needed something simpler, more organic. While I believed using greasy oil to extract clogged pores from my already oily skin was counterproductive, I gave it a go in the hopes I could forego commercial cleansers and replace my dull and uneven skin with a nice dewy glow.

Finding the perfect oil(s) for this natural skin care method, where oil dissolves and unclogs pimple-producing pores, may take some trial and error for most. I did a little e-digging and found that some people choose a combination of oils, such as grapeseed and castor oil, castor and olive oil, etc. Basically, you just need an oil (or two) that has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of nutrients and vitamins. The beauty of this cleansing method is that the choice is yours. Since grapeseed oil has astringent, anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s chock-full of antioxidants, I knew my pimples would get a one-two K.O. with this all-natural oil alone. Bonus? It’s also the best damn makeup remover I’ve used. Ever.

Here’s what I do: During my morning shower, I take a dime-sized amount of grapeseed oil and massage it all over my face using my fingertips. After about 30 seconds of giving myself a mini facial (the steam from the shower works wonders), I leave on the oil, allowing it to cleanse and moisturize my mug well after I hop out of the shower. Use your own discretion here, but I treat my OCM like my natural hair conditioners. I would leave it on for days if I could (you probably can, but that’s neither here nor there). Following 30 minutes of looking like my 7-year-old self after my grandmother would coat Vaseline on my face, I rinse it off with a lukewarm washcloth and voila! My skin is moisturized and soft.

I’ve been using the OCM with grapeseed oil for three months now and my skin is dewier and more evenly toned. Has it totally eradicated my acne? Nope. The pimples that arrive with Aunt Flo still pop up every now and then. What’s nice, though, is my outbreaks are fewer, less aggressive, and I have fewer dark marks, all thanks to grapeseed oil. People even mention how good my skin looks rather than avoiding staring at a brand-spanking-new bump.

So yeah, I’m extremely a tad bit obsessed with this acne clearing method. The OCM has really changed my skin for the better, not only through its work as a natural acne-fighting remedy, but also as an all-in-one method that has allowed my skin to glow, stay moisturized, and look clearer than ever.

Have you tried an oil cleansing method to deal with troublesome skin? 

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