Not Under My Roof: So You Caught Your Teen Having Sex, Now What?

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The whole situation really got me thinking.  It’s summer, and this situation has probably played out endlessly in households across the U.S. where one or both parents are working full-time jobs.  Idle time and hormones can be a dangerous combo, and in my experience interacting with teens (and being one myself at a time) it doesn’t matter if a parent leaves the house for five days or five minutes, if that teen is dead set on having sex it’s probably going to happen.

In the past few years I’ve worked teaching about safe sex and healthy relationships, I’ve learned that there’s a certain age group that lets summertime bring out the worst in them. They’re too old to be entertained by afterschool programs and summer camp, but too young to successfully seek employment.  Around the ages of 13-15, when the summer hits and there is no plan in place to keep these teens occupied, their curiosity, encouraged by their chaotic hormones, starts to climb and they end up exploring the wonderful world of sexual intercourse.

This doesn’t mean that I assume all teenagers are having sex, because I honestly don’t think they all are, but I do feel that if a conversation or education about anatomy, sex, pregnancy, contraception and healthy relationships hasn’t happened by this stage, you’re basically sending your child into a beehive with a honey jumpsuit on.

But about when when you’ve passed prevention?  You come in from a long day at the office only to walk upstairs and see a sight that makes you want to laugh, cry, scream and pour acid on your eyeballs all at the same time.  Your baby, is well, practicing making a baby.  It’s one thing to suspect it, and a completely different thing to actually see it.  It’s all fun and games when it’s the shy, admiring neighbor kid that my boyfriend had once schooled on how to “mack” back in his daily bachelor party days.  But I don’t know if he would be so proud if that were his daughter that the neighbor kid was engaging in summer fun with.

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