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Tres Explains Why He And Vanessa Couldn't Make It Work

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If you’re a fan of the FYI show “Married At First Sight,” you might have been in complete shock watching the latest development between the golden couple Tres and Vanessa. Last week, on decision day both Tres and Vanessa decided that they wanted to stay together and keep working on their marriage. And we rejoiced.

But the tables turned last night, during the 6 month reunion show. When Dr. Pepper sat down with Vanessa, to find out about the state of her relationship with Tres, we learned that it was no more. The two decided that they couldn’t make it work. Both parties were still visibly upset about it. Sitting next to each other on the couch, Vanessa couldn’t look Tres in the eye and he shed a few tears thinking about the hurt he’d caused her. I was clinging to their every word, hoping that something they said would shine some type of light on what happened to cause their marriage to unravel.

Nothing really did that for me last night. And even when they met up again for dinner, which we didn’t see too much of, there were still no answers.

But earlier today, Tres took to his Instagram to explain what happened to cause their marriage to end. But before that, he was tweeting as the reunion special aired last night, answering questions from many perplexed viewers. And some of his answers were quite illuminating.

First, he explained why he came home at 5 o’clock in the morning one day.

And then perhaps most helpful was this piece of time-related info, explaining how long they stayed together after decision day.

This is so interesting to me because it shows that they tried to work on their relationship for longer than the original 6 week experiment. In theory, the extended time could have given them more opportunity to learn, like and love each other. But instead, it highlighted the ways in which they were not suited to be in each other’s lives.

Then, he posted this, more in depth explanation, on his Instagram page.

Here in the office, we have plenty of theories about what ultimately caused the breakdown. But I think it was my coworker, who doubted that Tres and Vanessa would stay together from the start, who had the most interesting one. She said that Tres and Vanessa’s expectations for marriage were too different. She wanted someone who was going to completely rearrange his life to prove he was committed to her and he still wanted to maintain his independence. She said that the efforts Tres seemed to be putting forth on the show were less genuine and just a way to keep Vanessa happy. And my mother, who introduced me to the show, seems to believe that their sexual chemistry during the first six weeks served as a distraction for their lack of general chemistry and unaddressed issues. But who knows. None of us were there. And as the weeks pass, hopefully one or both of them will be willing to speak out a little bit more about how they got to this place.

What are your theories about why these two couldn’t make it work?

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