Erica Campbell Reveals Her Mother’s Number One Skin Secret And Her “Ah-ha” Beauty Moment

February 18, 2016  |  

Erica Campbell


Proctor & Gamble’s My Black Is Beautiful (MBIB) campaign along with its brands Olay, Pantene and Cover Girl partnered with Grammy-Award winning artist Erica Campbell and her mother Thomasina Atkins to discuss what makes Black beautiful and the beauty secrets African American women pass down throughout generations. In our interview, Erica shared the beauty lessons her mother passed down to her and what she teaches her young daughters about confidence, beauty and why your looks don’t matter.

MadameNoire (MN): What can you tell us about your partnership with My Black Is Beautiful?

Erica Campbell (EC): I love My Black Is Beautiful! It’s empowering and makes you take care and be aware of yourself, and all those things are right up my alley. It made perfect sense and I was super thrilled when they asked me and my mom to be involved with it as well.



MN: What are some beauty secrets you learned from your mom?

EC: I think, from her, I’ve learned that getting rest, drinking water and being healthy from the inside out helps us exude what is beyond the outside exterior. It’s all about shining from the inside out. I think women who are ambitious and want to make a difference tend to think, “Well, I’ll tend to myself later.” But you can’t be the best if you’re not your best. You can’t help someone if you don’t take care of yourself.

MN: As a black woman did you always feel comfortable in your skin?

EC: I think everybody has their own time with insecurity and questioning what they look like and what being beautiful is. Your “Ah-ha” moment [is when] you can really be your best self.

Once you learn to look into the mirror and, no matter what you see, it feels good. Because whatever flaw is there, it’s uniquely you and you can always switch it around. That’s why I’m really proud to be partnering with MBIB and the My Beautiful Reflections Program because there so many things that they offer to help you keep up your appearance. Whether it is the Olay Regenerist or Cover Girl’s line, which I adore, (I literally I have Cover Girl lipstick in my purse as we speak), these were all the jewels that I saw my mom use. So [when] I was figuring out what I wanted to use, I thought to myself, my mom is a beautiful woman so let me just use what she uses.

MN: What have you taught your daughters about beauty?EricaMsThomasina

EC: What I tell my daughters, whether it is my 4 year old or my 11 year old, whatever age they are, I tell them they will only be this age for one year. Don’t try to rush it by wearing makeup or extensions. Enjoy being 4, enjoy being 11! My mom did not let us be grown before our time. We weren’t in heels early, we didn’t wear lipstick early, we weren’t going to the salon—none of that. We were fully little girls, so [when] the time came to start paying attention to the glam parts of you, I appreciated it. I know it’s different when your mom is a celebrity [because] my daughter is always trying to get into my makeup. But I just want her to be a little girl, for as long as possible. I think that’s what important. I think we push subjects and matters on children that aren’t important. Who cares what you look like? I think you should build character, build discipline, build confidence and build work ethic, even as a child. I think by the time you get older, you want to look good because you do good. Because it started from the inside out, you’re more than just a pretty face.

MN: What are some of your favorite P&G products?

EC: [I’m] Olay, everything! Before for the Olay’s Regenerist line, my mom would have the products on her counter and I would play with her facial creams (I guess I was trying to be grown) [Laughs]. It was always cool to see what my mom used and to be able to mimic [her].

What beauty secrets did your mother pass down to you? Share in the comments section, below.

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