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For many of us, going back to work after a long vacation can be a huge adjustment. Although some people are able swing back into the groove of completing their work tasks, others experience what’s known as post-vacation anxiety.

In Louise Hung’s article for XO Jane, she explains how she suffers severe anxiety whenever her vacations end. “For two weeks, I enjoyed the luxury (or trap, depending how you look at it) of telling myself, “I’ll worry about it later, I’m on vacation.” Then later became now. The moment the door to my parents’ taxi slammed shut, my heart started using my stomach as a trampoline and the Anxiety Troll in my brain shouted, “HEY SUCKER! We’ve got some catching up to do,” Hung revealed.

CBS reports the anxiety that one feels upon returning to work after a vacation is called “re-entry stress.” Physical reactions to this kind of stress usually come in the form of symptoms like backaches, stomachaches or sleep problems. In order to adjust smoothly from vacation to work, here are five tips to help you survive the workload that awaits you.

Prepare To Re-Enter Normal Life

Dr. Peter Wish told CBS people should plan to give themselves time between arriving back to their hometown and the time they are scheduled to be back at work. By doing so, make sure your bills, house cleaning and food shopping are done before your vacation so you can relax and unpack when you arrive home. This helps for an easier transition and you’ll be able to jump back in your normal schedule without added stress.

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

Many of us tend to stay up later or sleep in when we are on vacation. Although this may feel like a luxury, it doesn’t work well when we are ready to go back to work. On the last leg of your trip, try to regulate your sleep schedule so don’t you experience long periods of jet lag when you come home.

Phone Or Text The Friends Or Family You Speak To Regularly

While on vacation, you may not communicate with friends or family as much. When you return home, call or text them to relive happy moments of your trip or discuss any conflicts you may have faced during it. The U.S. News believes this tip will help you ease back into your day-to-day life.

Only Answer Important Work Emails

Depending on the industry you work in, you may receive an enormous amount of emails that can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to respond to all of them at once, only answer the important emails that need your response before you go back to work. This helps get the momentum going and allows you accomplish your workload in smaller tasks.


We usually experience high levels of happiness while we are on vacations; however that can surely dip once you return home. In order to maintain feeling good about yourself and your life, USA Today reports a good workout session and the endorphins produced from it will remind you, you can feel good about life no matter your location.

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