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You’ve probably heard of it but never paid much mind to what exactly it is. But a colonic, a.k.a., cleansing your colon of waste material that has remained in the large intestine for quite some time (as buildup can cause constipation, keep the colon from absorbing minerals and vitamins, and make one feel ill), have become all the rage. Especially for the stars.

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra held Porsha’s hand as she went through the procedure (all while they gossiped about Kandi). And Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco told New York Magazine that she gets colonics “seasonally,” raving to the publication about the results.

“They just flush saline into your intestine and it helps you go. It helps with any kind of constipation. You feel so light and clean.”

But before you find yourself out here trying to get a tube inserted up your anus and water flushed through your colon from your local wellness center for something other than a colonoscopy, there are a few things you should know beforehand. That way, you don’t believe the hype so much that you end up regretting it.

The Possible Side Effects

According to the Georgetown University School of Medicine, you could end up dehydrated, with anemia, bloated, have abdominal pain, kidney failure, and even a possible perforated colon. “Light” and “clean” my ass… (no pun intended.)

Certain People Can’t Do It

If you have certain diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, heart disease, or things like severe hemorrhoids, congestive heart failure, severe anemia, or an abdominal hernia, you shouldn’t try getting a colonic. Same goes for pregnant women because the procedure can cause uterine contractions.

To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse–The Jury Is Deadlocked

People are split on colonics. While medical doctors say that bowel movements and urination can be enough for the body to detoxify itself, proponents of colonics, a.k.a., colon hydrotherapy, say that the buildup up fecal matter can mess with your health and allow toxins to be absorbed in your bloodstream, which is why you should have colonics occasionally to cleanse yourself and improve your health and wellness.

Don’t Be Sorry, Be Careful

Before you jump in head first at the idea of a colonic cleansing, medical professionals, like the folks at the Mayo Clinic, say you should talk to your doctor first if you have been on medication or know you have health issues. Stay hydrated well before you have the colonic to prevent hydration, and be sure that whoever is doing the procedure for you is using disposable equipment. “Ewwwww” at the thought of a reused rectal tube…

There Are Ways You Can Help Your Body Detoxify Without Colonics

Dr. David L. Katz said a wholesome diet can work wonders. Wondering what that means? A bunch of stuff you know good and well you haven’t been making a priority in your diet. “Insoluble fiber–found abundantly in whole grains, vegetables, beans, and lentils–is of particular importance in keeping things moving along as they should.” That, along with being properly hydrated can significantly benefit your colon and other vital organs.



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