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As the New Year approaches, we are all actively thinking about the year we just experienced and what we want to improve in the coming year. And, as moms, the New Year is not just a chance to focus on our individual goals, but it is also a great time to focus on the goals we have for our families.

I know that all I want for my family is what’s best for them. I think I did the best I could in 2015, but I know that 2016 comes with a great opportunity to take things up a notch. Now what mom doesn’t want to step things up and do what they can to help their family have the best year ever?

Here are 25 family goals for the New Year. We hope these suggestions serve you and your family well. Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Make yourself a priority. When you fall apart, your family does too. If you make yourself a priority, everyone benefits. Treat yourself with kindness in the New Year.

2. Say “no” more often to the countless things that want your attention outside of your family. That way you’ll have more time and energy you have to commit to the people you love most.

3. Plan family meals. Cooking everyday can almost be impossible, but try to designate at least one day where you have a nice family meal together (and it doesn’t have to be Sunday).

4. Plan family fun days. Having designated days to just have a good time with your family, play games, and relax is good for everyone’s soul.

5. Pursue a dream. Putting your dreams on hold because you have kids doesn’t serve anyone. Make this the year you finally pursue a passion.

6. Make healthy eating a priority. Try to make a conscious decision to prepare healthier meals and have healthier snacks available for everyone.

7. Exercise together. Dance, walk, or kick a ball. It doesn’t matter what you do, really. Just get moving, do it together, and do it often.

8. Stop yelling. We’ve all been there. Life starts to get too stressful and next thing you know you keep yelling. The thing is, your message doesn’t get across at all when you yell, and it sends your kids a bad message.

9. Limit screen time. We all love television and our devices a lot, but nowhere near as much as you love your kids. Pick days throughout the month where the entire family disconnects so everyone can reconnect.

10. Buy less stuff. Buying stuff for yourself and your kids doesn’t really make anyone happy—at least not the type of happiness that will last. Spend more time together and less money on stuff. You’ll have a happier year.

11. Drink more water. Dehydration can make people tired, cranky and too many sugary drinks can lead to lots of other problems. That said, more water (and less juice) for everyone is a great idea.

12. Plan a staycation. Who says you have to spend a lot to have a great time. Plan a spectacular staycation for your family this year and I bet your kids will remember it for years to come.

13. Save more. Debt is just a pain in the butt. Make this the year that you spend less and save more. Your entire family will be better off.

14. Get everyone involved with cooking. Why should mommy do all the work? Come up with fun, easy recipes and get everyone involved in the kitchen.

15. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Your kids and spouse are not responsible for making you happy. They should just add to your existing joy.

16. Let go of resentment. Resentment is toxic. If someone did you wrong, forgive them, find peace, and move on with your life. It’s tough to be happy with your family when you have feelings of resentment brewing on the inside.

17. Conquer some of your fears. Fears will take over your life if you let them. And conquering them is not just good for you, but it also sets a great example for your children.

18. Connect with other moms. We all need mommy friends we can trust and we need to spend time just connecting with them. When you take the time to reenergize by spending time with girlfriends, everyone wins.

19. Become more patient. Patience is essential, and without it everything become far more stressful. When you develop more patience, you find more peace.

20. Encourage spirituality. Praying with your family is so important. Take the time to pray for them and with them, and also encourage your children to pray on their own.

21. Work Less. Show me a mom and I will show you a woman with too much on her plate. If we can figure out how to work smarter, not harder, everybody wins.

22. Create a book nook. Reading is so important for everyone. Create a book nook for your kids so they can find a peaceful place to hangout and read, and then create a spot for yourself so you can relax and read, too.

23. Practice what you preach. If you want happier, well-rested, healthier kids, you need to be a happier, well-rested, healthier mom.

24. Don’t get mad often. It’s okay to get upset at times but your children shouldn’t expect to see your angry side often. If you’re always angry, get to the root of what’s really bugging you.


25. Bond with your kids more. Go on dates with your kids, read with them, and spend more quality time together. We work so hard to give our family what they need most, when what they need most is time with us.

Martine Foreman is a freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, speaker and coach. To follow her journey as a busy mom, wife and honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), check out her personal blog, CandidBelle.

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