Spoiler Alert! Everything We Know About Scandal Season 5

September 24, 2015  |  
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Can’t wait for the next season of Scandal to air on September 24th? Here’s everything we know so far about Scandal season 5.

Fitz and Mellie are Definitely Over

The divorce papers were in last season, and that means big things coming up for Olivia and Fitz and the rest of the Scandal cast…

Shonda Rhimes Promises Major Changes

She recently revealed in an interview:

“I found myself really inspired by the idea of what would really happen if we let everything change for real. Now we’re in season 5 and I’m thinking, why not?”

And several of those big changes have audiences hyped for Thursday nights…

“Olitz” Is Going Public

The word from Hypable is that what we’ve all been waiting for for four seasons is finally going to happen: Olivia and Fitz are finally going public with their relationship. And you know what that means…

“Steamy” Will Be The Key Word for this Season

Have you seen the Season 5 trailer? It looks like not only will Olivia and Fitz go public, but they’re finally following through on all of the romantic tension that’s been building up for four seasons.

And as if that weren’t enough to look forward to…

The Gladiators Are Back!

After two seasons of wild story lines, Scandal is finally getting back to its roots and focusing on what audiences love: watching The Gladiators get back to work.

But it won’t be the same old crew…

There’s Going to be A New Gladiator

Shonda Rhimes hasn’t said who it is, but she did hint that it is a character we’ve already seen before. And lots of Scandal fans are speculating that it’s Marcus (Cornelius Smith, Jr.), the activist who’s become a season regular.

In Fact, It’s A Whole New Olivia Pope & Associates

Now that they’ve brought down their biggest enemy, Olivia Pope & Associates is on schedule to start a whole new chapter — that’s greater than ever before.

What impossible odds will they be taking on this season? Shonda Rhimes says we’ll all just have to tune in and find out.

Jake Is Coming Back

But what really has everyone buzzing is how he’s going to be coming back. Will he be a new gladiator? Will he have a grudge against Olivia for choosing Fitz?

What Shonda Rhimes did say is that Jake “goes on a journey that destroys everything.” What does that mean, exactly? We can’t wait to find out!

But Abby’s Not Coming Home Yet

Abby will still play some part in Olivia Pope and Associates in Season 5, but most of her work will be done from the White House. And that means more Huck and Quinn in the mix which should get the season off to a running start!

We Haven’t Heard The Last From Mellie

Mellie may be out of the marriage and out of the White House, but she’s not out of the running for political office. And with Elizabeth officially on her bad side, secrets for Rowan to manipulate Mellie could emerge as a major player in Season 5.

Cyrus Isn’t Down For The Count Either

Cyrus may have been brought to his knees in Season 4, but he doesn’t stay down for long. And with Elizabeth North as his number one enemy, Cyrus is primed to come back with a vengeance.

But Could Elizabeth North Take Cyrus’ Place In The White House?

She moved into his office at the end of Season 5, but now that she’s the new chief of staff (and officially a series regular), will she follow in his devious footsteps?

Mia Maestro Will Be Joining The Cast

The Strain fans will be excited to find out that Mia Maestro will have a “major recurring role” on Scandal Season 5. But Shonda Rimes has been very tight-lipped on what that role could be.

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