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By Abiola Abrams

Positive affirmations? I see you giving me the virtual side eye. 

Instead of replaying old “why me” and “men ain’t ish” negative affirmations over and over again, try something different. If you want a life you have never had, you’re going to have to do some things you’ve never done before.

Every time we speak we are affirming what we want in our lives and what we don’t want. Words are spells in our mouths. I don’t mean spells as in airy fairy magic, but if you go around complaining about how much life sucks, your life will reflect that.

Do you know what an affirmation is? An affirmation is a statement in the positive that states a circumstance or condition that you would like to affirm or attract into your life. Repeating affirmations over time trains our subconscious minds to work toward creating our better good. If you consistently affirm that life sucks, yes it will. So since you’re already using affirmations, why not make a conscious shift to affirmations that are positive?

To the skeptic’s ear this may sound like B.S. but we’re already doing it whether we are deliberate or not. Even if you are not yet in a relationship, an affirmation like, “I am so grateful for my wonderful relationship” helps you shift your mentality to create this as a reality.

Whether you believe that affirmations can work for you or not, you are absolutely right. A few years ago “The Secret” was everywhere. The documentary film was positive, as it had everyone from doctors to street sweepers talking about the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, many people just grabbed a few catchy ideas like taping a $1,000 to the ceiling and then dismissed the whole thing when the cash didn’t materialize. Viewers did not grasp that yes, the Law of Attraction exists but it is only one law. For example, there’s the Law of Right Action. If you just stick a bunch of photos of your dream man on a vision board and then never leave your living room, chances are slim to none that you could ever meet him. We are all already creating our everyday lives. The Law of Attraction suggests that you become a conscious creator of your life rather than a passive or accidental creator. Once again, you’re already doing it!

The real secret is that there is no secret. The world is yours for the taking. What’s your current love situation? How did love unfold for you in 2016? Are you solidly in a loving, healthy, and supportive relationship? Are you living single and enjoying it? Are you looking for the love of your life? Do you want to keep the love you have? No matter what is happening in your love life, there are positive affirmations that can make it even better.

Here are 39 Powerful Sacred Bombshell Affirmations for Love

  1. I am worthy of love and I deserve to be loved.
  2. I have more love than I ever thought possible.
  3. I attract only healthy and loving people into my life.
  4. My soul mate knows me when we meet.
  5. I welcome love with open arms.
  6. My love accepts me and loves me just as I am.
  7. My soul mate loves me above all others.
  8. I am so grateful for my incredible relationship.
  9. Good and positive love is flowing to me and through me at all times.
  10. I want love and love wants me.
  11. I attract only healthy and loving people into my life.
  12. I treat others the way I enjoy being treated.
  13. I am in a loving and supportive relationship.
  14. My partner believes in me and supports me fully.
  15. My love life is a priority.
  16. I have attracted my best mate.
  17. My heart is open to love.
  18. Love surrounds me every day in every way.
  19. The true lover in me recognizes the true lover in you.
  20. My relationship is loving, committed and long-lasting.
  21. I allow love to flow to me and through me.
  22. I allow myself to be loved fully.
  23. I am a magnet for my perfect, loving match.
  24. I am focused on love and beauty.
  25. My perfect partner loves and appreciates me.
  26. The love of my life is gorgeous inside and out.
  27. My partner is generous and kind.
  28. Loving and being loved feels wonderful.
  29. My soul mate knows me when we meet.
  30. I feel joy being in love.
  31. I only attract positive people into my life.
  32. I welcome love with open arms.
  33. I am loving and forgiving.
  34. I deserve to be treated well because I am worth loving.
  35. Being this lovable feels good.
  36. I am always attracting perfect love.
  37. I am open, free and loving.
  38. I feel safe and secure whenever I am with my mate.
  39. I am always connected to my highest and best good.


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