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Does anybody else suffer from severe dandruff?

I have been struggling with dandruff for most of my life (starting around the time when my mom handed in her walking papers as my daily stylist). But over the last few years, my condition has worsened. I guess you could blame it on the fact that I have locs now, so it’s hard for me to get close to my scalp and really go to work. Whether my hair is so fresh and so clean or dirty and just begging to be cleansed, I can’t seem to run from the flakes. And to make matters worse, no matter how much jojoba, eucalyptus, Jamaican black castor, coconut, peppermint and lavender oil a sistah uses in one night, a day or so later, I feel my scalp tingling all over again.

As I patted my head for relief while lying in bed one night, I came to the conclusion that what I’m dealing with is not just a dryness issue that can be relieved by expensive oils in tiny bottles. I have a serious problem on my hands. And with my recent five-days-a-week workouts, which literally leave me sweating from head to toe, I realized that it would only get worse.

So I’m sure you can understand why I was as giddy as a young school girl when I learned that Shea Moisture developed a shampoo and conditioner to treat dandruff: African Black Soap Dandruff Control. The products are filled with a wide variety of ingredients, including tea tree oil (which often provides me with some relief) and willow bark extract. And, of course, Shea butter had to be invited to the homeopathic party.

But does it actually work?

I can say that I was pleased when I stepped out of the shower after using the products and noticed my scalp looked healthy and flake-free. And while you would assume a freshly washed scalp would automatically be sans dandruff, trust me when I say that’s not usually the case for me…

Not only did the shampoo comfort my scalp, but it also worked a miracle: it didn’t dry my hair out. This is a big problem with a lot of the different shampoos I try out. This time around, the residue came out, but not the moisture.

But don’t get it twisted. If you struggle with dandruff, you shouldn’t rely solely on these products to completely change your hair. While the products will definitely delay flakes for some time (I’m going on a week without feeling the need to play the bongos on my scalp), you should still do your part. Continue to apply oils and keep your hair clean and dandruff-free for as long as possible. To see the best results, it’s recommended that you use these products every two days, but a weekly cleanse seems to go a long way for moi.

With all that being said, I recommend Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Dandruff Control products to anyone who struggles to find relief from the dead skin that’s embarrassing them in public and attacking their innocent black tops. This is the longest I’ve gone without a snowstorm piling up on my head, so I think it is safe to say that this company is on to something. But then again, if you have tried any other of their many products, you would say that they always are.

I tried the shampoo and conditioner, and I’m happy with the results. I have a feeling you will be too.

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