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Another week with a whole lot of family drama and chaos. Mama Joyce and Kandi bump heads, Apollo tries to confront Phaedra about how she has treated him in a crowded nightclub, and we finally have the chance to meet new cast member, Demetria McKinney, who has a bone to pick with Kenya Moore. Let’s talk about it!

Kandi vs. Mama Joyce

Kandi hits up her Aunt Nora’s cookout and is excited about the opportunity to be around family, because her family keeps her happy and grounded. But unfortunately, when she gets there, she realizes that Mama Joyce is not trying to be anywhere near her. As it turns out, Joyce is pissed at Kandi for talking bad about her boyfriend, who, if you’ll recall, tore up Kandi’s old home that Mama Joyce was originally supposed to stay in. Despite all the damage Mama Joyce’s man did to the home, SHE’S  the one with an attitude, and calls Kandi ungrateful: “She don’t appreciate the things that people do for her. Seems like she tries to hurt the people who care for her…She can have that damn house back. I’ll stay where I am.”

Meet Demetria McKinney

On another side of town, Cynthia meets up with (and introduces) Demetria McKinney. The actress and singer is at the Bailey Agency to get models for her new music video and to also have a little girl talk (which Peter ends up being a part of…). When she invites them to her video release party for a new single, she reveals to them that she isn’t single and hasn’t been for years now. As it turns out, she’s been dating Roger Bobb, her manager, and a big-time TV producer in Atlanta. Despite being with him on-and-off for allegedly eight years, he hasn’t claimed her publicly, and that has been a problem for Demetria. She actually has a bone to pick with Kenya for allowing blogs to speculate that she was dating Roger after the beauty queen and producer were spotted hugged up in a picture with Cynthia and Peter. But until she can get to Kenya, she’s focused on her new video and her new music.

Kandi Squares Off With Mama Joyce, Who Plays Victim

Back at Aunt Nora’s cookout, Kandi is cornered by the host. Aunt Nora asks her to sit down and talk with Mama Joyce so they can move forward and make peace (the tension is real, and real annoying). When Kandi sits down with her mom, as usual, Mama Joyce has an attitude. But Kandi has the real reason to have an attitude. She claims that after she told her mom that she didn’t appreciate the damage Joyce’s boyfriend did to her home, Mama Joyce cursed her out via text, even telling her she needed Jesus. When Kandi finally stands up to her mom, Joyce plays the feeble card and claims that she’s been taking medicine to prevent herself from having an aneurysm. If you’re wondering what that has to do with anything, well, Mama Joyce says she’s literally sick and tired of arguing and can’t do it anymore. To keep her mom from stressing out, Kandi drops the argument and they hug it out. When she shares this information with Todd, he says that Mama Joyce sure knows how to lay it on thick for sympathy when she knows she’s in the wrong…

Getting Real About Roger

At a photoshoot Kenya is having for some new promotional images, Cynthia shows up to show her how to “make love to the camera,” and Claudia rolls up to talk about the struggle to find a good man. When Claudia tells the women that she’s going to Demetria’s video premiere event and was invited by Roger, Kenya encourages Claudia to try and get close to him because “he’s definitely a great catch.” But Cynthia shuts all that down to let them know that he’s dating Demetria, and even fills Kenya in on Demetria’s beef with her over that photo with Roger. But in the end, Kenya isn’t worried about Demetria because Roger hasn’t really claimed her like that…

NeNe Prepares To Launch The NeNe Leakes Collection, And Pulls Out A Questionable Confessional Look

While the ladies deal with family and dating issues, NeNe is collecting yet another check. She is preparing to launch The NeNe Leakes Collection with the Home Shopping Network, with the help of her friend Aaron, who she lauds as her go-to ‘gay’: “I wouldn’t do anything without having a gay on my team.” As for her clothes, they’re not bad! They include quite a few billowy tops in bright or deep colors with slim bottoms and leggings. Basics, but they work. What wasn’t working though, according to viewers, was this week’s confessional look. But NeNe isn’t bothered. In fact, she plans to collect even more coins based on her misstep.

Phaedra Gets Advice On How To Deal With Apollo’s Incarceration

Phaedra leaves her tension-filled home to visit Kandi, and even though she doesn’t want to talk about Apollo, that’s all that Kandi wants to discuss. After asking how things are at home, she brings in her cousin Melvin, who she considers a son. Melvin’s father is in prison and has been since he was a child. According to Melvin, Phaedra should tell her sons straight up what’s going on because he felt that he was lied to as a kid when it came to his father’s situation. However, after Melvin informs her that he ended up having his own run-ins with the law, she’s not sure that she wants to be that upfront and open with Aiden and Dylan. She doesn’t want them to think that jail or getting in trouble with the law is okay or “normal.” In the end, she still isn’t sure what she is going to do or tell her sons.

NeNe Has Another Big Hit On Her Hands

NeNe gets her two-hour broadcast with HSN started, and while she says “I live for a check,” it’s not easy because the broadcast doesn’t start until 12 a.m. In the beginning, she’s full of energy, but by late 1 a.m., she slowly starts losing her spunk–that is until she finds out that one of her more popular looks (the “cold shoulder top”) has sold out.

Kenya Gets The Tea From Roger About His Relationship With Demetria

Kenya gets a special meeting with Roger where she pitches a comedy that she hopes will help her foray back into acting. The show idea is based on her current situation (being an older single woman trying to make it work). Somehow, the conversation turns to Demetria (ironically, a poster board image of her on the cover of a magazine is chilling in the background), and Kenya asks what’s up with those two. He admits (in a roundabout way) that on top of being a musician and an actress, “she’s also my lady,” and even though they’ve been on and off for years, “we’re on.” Kenya isn’t too confident in the relationship (“We’ll see how long that lasts.”), but is invited to Demetria’s video premiere party in the hopes of networking, which she agrees to go to.

Demetria Finally Confronts Kenya

At Demetria’s party, which involved an appearance by Da Brat, most of the ladies and Demetria’s side-boob, the only person we find out won’t be attending is her man, Roger. The ladies all side-eye his decision to bail on what was half a video release party, and half of what Demetria called “our coming out party” as a couple. When she’s asked whether or not she’s been wanting a ring from her man of eight years, Demetria says that at this point, he could give her a Cheerio instead of a ring and she would still be excited.

Kenya shows up at the event hoping to make connections, and finally comes face-to-face with Demetria after realizing that Roger isn’t coming. Demetria tells her that she felt it shady that Kenya didn’t say Roger wasn’t her man after they took a photo together and blogs speculated, especially since Roger hadn’t publicly declared Demetria as his lady. But Kenya lets her know she’s not interested in Roger, and only works with him so that she can advance her career. Eventually, the ladies are able to end that conversation and bond.

Apollo Awkwardly Confronts Phaedra At Demetria’s Video Party

The weirdest moment of the night comes when Apollo arrives out of nowhere. He hugs everybody, including Brandon, whose a** he whooped last season. But Phaedra isn’t feeling the love. She gives him an awkward kiss after he stands all in her face. As they wait for Demetria’s video situation to be handled, he decides the club is the perfect place to finally talk about all their problems, and does so in front of everyone: “I’m still your husband, in case you forgot.”

Apollo says that she wouldn’t speak to him at home so he had no choice but to put her on front street at Demetria’s party. He eventually tells her that they either need to work on their relationship or end it, and after doing a lot of talking, which Phaedra wouldn’t really respond to, he engages her in a horribly awkward embrace. She sits there like a child being hugged after getting put in time out and thankfully, that encounter comes to a close when Demetria’s video finally starts playing…without sound. A fail of a night for everyone involved.


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