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Trish: Is it ok to look like a “slob” or dressed down around your man all the time at the house? Does that turn a guy off or want to think about other women? Should i put on makeup around the house or dress nicer?

DY: Is it cool to walk around the house with skid marks in your thong? No. But, one of the great things about being in a relationship is finding someone you’re comfortable being comfortable with. Basically, what’s the point of being in one if you can’t be comfortable?

(Also, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do to prevent him from “thinking about other women.” so stop worrying about that.)


Stevie: Is it a deal breaker if a man never makes an effort to contribute to you financially?

DY: Sounds like it


Samantha: How can I get my husband to give me a lap dance?

DY: Ask him


Frances: Is it harmful when your dating someone new to let them know what you want off top that you want more than a hook up and that you want a relationship?

DY: No. Better to let your expectations known early than to end up in some ambiguous situation you’re not happy with


Shante: What’s your take on being friends with your mate on Facebook? What would you say about it if your mate refused to be your friend on FB?

DY: I don’t think being Facebook friends with your mate is a requirement. But, I do think it’s a bit odd to have him outright refuse to be your friend.


Ebony: This is a change! Im actually asking for advice…however My husband hates my job!!!! Im a sex therapist. Unlicensed, jus for entertainment at this point. I offer advice on air and via social media on sex and relationships. Im trying to make a name for my self and he jus thinks men want to date because I tell them or there partners how to properly perform sexual acts! What should I say to him????

DY: If he was unhappy with your job, why did he marry you?


Sherilyn: I’m in a relationship and my bf thinks it’s perfectly fine for him to go days without talking to me ( like via text and phone). Now, I understand that we won’t see each other everyday, but not speaking daily is a deal breaker for me. Am I being extreme?

DY: That’s not extreme at all. Communicating everyday is a reasonable expectation for a relationship


Trish: What about relationship status on fb? Do you think that’s a requirement from your partner to state that he’s in relationship on fb or is that childish?

DY: Some people don’t like to reveal personal information like that on Facebook.


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