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“I’m over it.”
I’ve spewed these words more than once at many of my jobs. Sometimes it was because of a bad day, other times a bad week. But I didn’t take my rants seriously until they became more frequent. My workload didn’t change, my co-workers were the exact same as when I first started, and management was still…trifling management. But somehow, I knew in my heart that after constantly thinking “I was over it,” despite my self-motivating quotes, it was time to leave.
So how do you know when it’s really time to pursue another job? While everyone is different and we choose to remain in our careers for different reasons, here are a few ways to tell that it might be time to ‘dip out’ and move on.


If you’re a person who dislikes predictability, you probably need a job that accommodates your personality. If you know exactly how your day is going to go at work because it consists of the same mundane tasks, you may need to look for something that challenges you. Sooner or later, your work will suffer because you don’t put as much into it as you used to.

You Hate Your Boss

The thought of your boss repulses you. You can’t stand the way he/she treats you and the other employees. You love the job but can’t stand to hear their voice. And while some would say that you should tune them out, you can’t. They’re your boss! So if you’ve tried to speak with your boss to form a better relationship to no avail, it might be time to just let it go.

You Don’t Feel Appreciated

You put in overtime without anyone asking and you don’t get overtime pay for it. You train others simply because you want to see them succeed, and you pick up the slack for other employees. Still, it goes unnoticed by upper management, so you constantly feel unappreciated. And while you can chalk it up and be thankful that you’re employed, if it’s constantly bothering you and/or standing in the way of your happiness (or possible promotions), you should start looking for something else.

You Don’t See Growth

You’ve been at the same job for five years and in the same position since you started. Not good.
You’ve talked to people about moving up, and they admit that there isn’t a lot of room for growth and have been saying it for years. You’re all about growing, so what’s the point in staying? If you’re in a dead-end job but have bigger goals for yourself, leave before you look back 10 years later (still in the same position) with regrets.

You Dread Waking Up For Work

The snooze button has become your best friend. No matter what time you get to bed, you don’t want to get out of it when it comes time for you to get up for work. If this has become the story of your life, it’s time to close this chapter and look for something else.

Lack Of Sleep

You work so much that you can’t get enough sleep. Part of ‘the grind’ will consist of days where you don’t get adequate sleep, but when this becomes the theme of your 9-5, it’s time to move on before your physical and mental health begins to suffer.

Lack Of A Social Life

Unless you are an entrepreneur getting a business off the ground, your job should allow you some form of a work/life balance. If you are losing friends, can’t spend time with family, or don’t ever have time to take a day for yourself to relax, it may be time to find a job that allows you to have more of a balance.

You Physical Health Suffers

You suffer from migraines every time you’re at work. You eat compulsively because of stress. You have extreme physical pain because of manual labor.
If your job is interfering with your physical health, it’s definitely not going to work for the long-term.

Damaged Relationships

Every day you’re arguing with a different co-worker, bridges have been burned, and relationships seem damaged beyond repair. While you should try not to leave on a bad note, it may be time to get a fresh start if your work environment has become toxic. But before you hop to the next job, make sure you check your attitude before you take it into the next place of employment.

You’re Being Unfairly Compensated

While I’m a firm believer in making sacrifices to reach your goals and not letting money be a deciding factor in your life-long career, I do believe in being compensated fairly for work that you put in. If you don’ think you’re making enough money in relation to your job duties, skills, or qualifications, it may be time to look for something else before you become resentful.

You’re Simply Unhappy

Aside from the low wages, irritating co-workers, or the boss from hell, you should leave your job if it’s simply making you unhappy. Of course, attempt to look for something else before you cut ties, but make every effort to leave before your mental or physical health suffers.

You Don’t Believe In What You Do

You’re selling something that you believe is morally wrong, and it’s bothering you so much that you can’t stand to look yourself in the mirror. If your job goes against your values, you are at the wrong place. Find something that is more suitable and aligns with what you believe in and are comfortable with.

You Spend Hours Job Searching

You can’t do your work because you’re too busy looking for new work. If this has become your routine, take this word of advice: Look for jobs off the clock before you are forced to look for a new job because you have been terminated.

You Think You’re About To Be Terminated

You’ve done your job to the best of your ability, but you just can’t seem to please your bosses. You’re nervous that you will be fired. Why? Because they told you that if you mess up again, you will be fired. Instead of waiting to get the boot, which looks bad when it’s time for job interviews, you should begin searching for other opportunities.

Your Company Is Going Down

You love your job, but you’re constantly on eggshells because you see poor management, people getting laid off left and right, and you strongly believe the company will soon fold. You can wait around for it to go up in corporate smoke, so begin job searching to save yourself the trouble.
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