“Think Like A Man Too” Fans Pissed Essence Cover Left Out Non-Black Cast Members Jerry Ferrara, Gary Owen

June 6, 2014  |  

As we told you this week, both the women and men of Think Like A Man Too are featured on dual covers of Essence this month. The photos look amazing, the covers are quite cute, and when I posted about both covers this week, I thought everyone would be crazy about them. Turns out, something, or some people were missing, and that bothered some Think Like A Man Too fans.

You see, for the men’s cover, cast members Jerry Ferrara (who plays Jeremy, Gabrielle Union’s character’s fiance), Gary Owen (the hilarious comedian is friend to the crew, Bennett), and new addition to the cast, former OC star Adam Brody, are not present. They’re not in the photo spread either. But producer Will Packer is featured on both the cover and inside the mag. Seeing that Essence is a magazine catered to black women, it wouldn’t be surprising that they would want to let the black male characters (and in this case, producer too) shine on their own, but fans of the movie, both black and white, took to social media to let people know that they noticed the omission.

“They forgot the white guys, or nah?”

“I wouldn’t expect the two white actors to be on the cover if they didn’t have leading roles, but at least Jerry should have been included, as he had the same screen time as the others and his role was just as important.”

“Just because this is a ‘black’ magazine, intentionally disregarding the two white men from the movie is reckless. It’s 2014, Essence. It is ok to be inclusive of other races on the front cover, not just showing different shades of black #disappointed”

Soooo…they just gonna leave Jerry Ferara and Gary Owen out?!?! Oh ok”

“Won’t be supporting this issue. (Would have) been a great cover shoot had all male cast members been represented. #diversity & #inclusion should apply across the board, not just when it pertains to ‘minorities'”

“They should have included Jerry and Gary…it’s only fair. They are in the movie too. If it was reversed and the only two black stars in a summer hit movie were missing from a magazine cover, we would kick up a big stink about it.”

I don’t really feel strongly one way or the other, but it is true that if something like this was done to a black actor (like when TV Guide put the main stars from Person of Interest on the cover…except for Taraji), we would have been a little peeved. But is Owen upset? He promoted the cover on his Instagram and joked about the exclusion:

“Check out the latest Essence Magazine. Before anyone asks where is @jerrycferrara & myself. 5 guys is what the cover called for. Also the guy in hat is @willpowerpacker he’s the reason any if us guys are in #thinklikeamantoo So congrats@romanymalco @easydoesitdoitealy @iamterrencej@kevinhart4real cover looks AWESOME!! me Jerry are currently filming our Bass Pro Shop commercial.”

But what do you think? Should Ferrara and Owen (and Brody too) have been included in some way in the photo shoot? Or are people overreacting? Talk about it.

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