10 Love Lessons Missy Elliot Taught Us

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Growing up we learned Missy Elliot’s colorful lyrics verbatim and practicing her music videos’ choreography was the thing to do in the living room of your cousins’ house. While back then her music may have been all fun and games, now that we’ve gotten older we realize she was asking speaking a lot of truth about men folk — I don’t want no one-minute man anybody? Check out these 10 love lessons from Missy and tell us what you’ve learned from the icon rapper.

Lesson 1

Never give up the things you like to do once you begin dating. Most importantly, do not financially support a man who mistreats you.

“Gave you all my dough
When you needed it all the time
I thought you was the one
But you just a hit and run
Gave up clubs and parties
I put them aside
I stopped going to all the parties”

Song: Beep Me 911 Ft. 702

Lesson 2

You say you’re a groooown woman so, tell your partner what you need sexually. Before you do, prepare an outfit for role playing!

“Kiss me Hold me
The weatherman says it’s gonna be
Cold tonight
Whatever man
Whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever
Whatever man you wanna do
I’ll be the pilot
Don’t miss your flight”

Song: Friendly Skies Ft. Ginuwine

Lesson 3

So you brought your outfit to role play but the romping only lasted a minute. Le sigh; it’s time to have an open conversation with your partner about breaking you off to make you say “GOD!”

“But if I put this thing on ya, can you stay hard?
If not, you better keep your day job
Cause I`m looking for a man to make me say God (GOD!)
I`m all class and you know this
Break me off, show me what you got
Cause I don`t want, no one minute man”

Song: One Minute Man Ft. Ludacris & Trina

Lesson 4

You shared your relationship problems with your friends and family. Wrong move- every time they see your partner, they will remember the issues you both have. Next time, keep that information to yourself and Jesus.

“I don’t go out my house shorty
You just waiting to see
Just wanna see who I am f*&^%$# boy
Never home alone
And he’s on the grind
Please let me know if he’s on your mind
And respect you’ll give me”

Song: Gossip Folks

Lesson 5

All talk and no action is a recipe for disaster. Sweet nothings won’t pay your bills or take you out for date night.

“Don’t explain, you never change
Same old thing, same old game
Say ya want to be wit’ me
But show me my ring
Baby, let me think
I been in the cold
The story untold, about to unfold
How do you expect me
To ever believe you want be with me”

Song: All N My Grill Ft. Big Boi & Nicole Wray

Lesson 6

Sometimes in life you got to take RISKS! Date the hot boy, aka, bad boy. He will show you a good time and allow you to explore a different side of yourself. Just remember not to engage in illegal activity, but you already knew that.

“What’s your name, cause I’m impressed?
Can you treat me good, I won’t settle for less
You a hot boy, a rock boy
A fun toy, tote a glock boy
Where you live, is it by yourself?
Can I move with you, do you need some help?
I cook boy, I’ll give you more
I’m a fly girl, and I like those”

Song: Hot Boyz Ft. Nas & Lil’ Mo

Lesson 7

Confidence, or lack thereof, will make or break your relationship. Missy’s prolific quote : “I’m not a prostitute but I can give you what you want” should tell you and boo, there ain’t nobody that can do it like you, even if they tried.

“Girlfriend wanna be like me, never
You won’t find a b**** that’s even better
I make you hot as Las Vegas weather
Listen up close while I take it backwards
I’m not a prostitute, but I could give you what you want”

Song: Work It

Lesson 8

Besides communication skills, a woman should always know how to mack correctly. It will keep the passion alive in her relationship.

“M-I-S-E, Missy be a freak
Sex so good I can freak you in my sleep
Ice on my sleeve I can make a room freeze
Pockets more bigger than a stripper booty cheeks”

Song: Ching A Ling

Lesson 9

We live in the times of Olivia Pope and Mary Jane, you knowingly can take someone’s (weak) man without having sex with them. Instead, keep the reminder: you do not have to do too much to gain your own man’s attention.

“Misdemeanor on the floor, pretty boy here I come
Pumps in the bunk make you wanna hurt something
I can take your man I don’t have to sex em”

Song: Pass That Dutch

Lesson 10

Be on time but know when to go! Missy teaches us, your partner is lucky to be with you. If they don’t think so, take your cue to go.

“My finger waves be dazed, they fall like Humpty
Chumpy, I break up with him before he dump me
To have me yes you lucky”

Song: Supa Dupa Fly (The Rain)

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