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You feel at peace knowing that you can embrace your natural black hair. From an afro to straightened hair, a part of you has settled in the traditional way of doing things. However, the proverbial issues you may have faced at work or on job interviews could contribute to some feeling that natural hair is socially unacceptable. If you’ve been told to abandon the kinky look for more relaxed do or have received odd behavior from opposing figures, then maybe you should refer to these helpful hints to show a good impression while wearing natural locks.

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Step #1: Wear a headband over dreadlocked hair

You have walked in the presence of coiled of hair such as the dreadlocks or locked hair for months to years it seems. The matted look itself may have prompted some glances in a professional workplace, but no part of you is going to rule out the dreads any time soon. If you open yourself up to a set of presentable styles for dreaded hair, you could wear a headband for a sleek look. Stay away from multi-colors or semi-colored braids that draw attention. Find ways to upkeep them without going bright, bold or untidy.

Step #2: Stick with a trimmed, yet conservative afro

There is a lack of sophistication when it comes to big, messy hair that garners public attraction. To gain your worthiness and self of respect in a professional setting, you should be reluctant about wearing certain styles of dress. Being conservative as possible means sticking with a trimmed, yet conservative afro that is properly cut, maintained and clean. Scaling back on the amount of hair you have, is something you should consider if you want to be seen as a serious competitor.

Step #3: No mess, no fuss with short curly hair

The curly hair may have carried you through thick and thin, but suggesting that it will always come across to your business associates is not always the case. There is a requirement to wearing short curly hair just as there is to showing up on-time for work or a job interview. Casting an impressionable look to your peers means using less hair gel or oil in your hair or minimizing excess curls, so that its composed and befitting to your role. Plus, the time given to upkeep the style is less to deal with.

Step#4: Demand different styles with a curly or straight hair of all lengths

You have tended to your curly or straightened hair so much that its grown out of proportion. At this rate, its probably the best option to shorten it or get it back to its natural state, especially in the work force. As a black woman, your personal fascination with hair growth shouldn’t outweigh your competitive edge in the field. You should be able to regulate it with different styles such as pinning it back, adding more body or waves to a flat hairstyle. If you have curly hair, you can straighten it with a flat iron or a creative touch without going overboard.

Step#5: Get braids every once in awhile

There are certain styles you get used to, and others you don’t. But finding a style that ties into your personal interest as well as donning one for the office is a responsible nature to have. If you request braids, for example, you should be aware of the dress requirement involved to wear such a style that’s classy and appropriate for work. A simple word of advice is wearing small to medium braids that you can tie back or rest on your shoulders since they don’t detract from the overall outfit. Refrain from big braids or extra long braids that can get easily tangled in your regular routine.

Step#6: Short bobs are presentable too!

You are free to add simple bobs as a career look. Of course, this is just another way to ensure your equipped for the office and steering clear of a mishap, which won’t go unnoticed. Common sense should tell you that there is no incorrect way to wearing short bobs, unless you burst out with a colorful or unkempt do. But in the regular skeem of things, you can add some curls or waves to it, or have a glamorous set that compliments your overall appearance.

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