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Let this story serve as a cautionary tale to all the young ones out here. If you’re going to break your parents’ rules, as most of you will, be sure that you own up to it once you get caught.

A 16 year old girl in Texas didn’t do this and a boy lost his life because of it.

Johran McCormick, a 17 year old, was shot and killed by a protective father. According to KHOU, the 16 year old girl snuck McCormick into the home and in her bedroom. Her younger brother went to say goodnight to her and noticed two feet sticking out from under the bed. He went and told his father.

The father walked in and questioned both the young boy and his daughter but the girl claimed she didn’t know McCormick. The father called 911 but an argument ensued before the police could arrive. The father told deputies that McCormick dropped his hands to grab something and that’s when he opened fire. The boy died at the scene.

No one else was injured but the father was transported away from the home on a stretcher as he complained he wasn’t feeling well.
Authorities said the man appeared to be on several medications.

The family had recently moved to that home from a nearby neighborhood.

McCormick’s mother had this say about the situation, “I would like my baby back, but I know that’s not possible. A call you know, I’m sorry. He didn’t deserve to die like that.”

He surely didn’t.

Stories like this always break my heart because all of this could have been avoided. We won’t even discuss the fact that she shouldn’t have snuck the little boy in her room. Teenagers will be teenagers. But instead of lying saying that she didn’t know the boy, she should have been honest, owned up and accepted the consequences.

The father was right to call the police and the little boy should have never tried to argue with him. This is the reason why I was vehemently against my own dad getting a gun for our home. People who own guns are always looking for an excuse to use them. And I’m sure at 2 o clock in the morning everything and everyone is threat. Trigger fingers are real even when you’re just trying to protect your family.

Either way, he should call McCormick’s family and apologize. His mother is right he didn’t deserve to die like that.

What do you make of this story? Who’s to blame?

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