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It seems that all the notorious exes of the women from Real Housewives of Atlanta are coming from out of the shadows to throw their own dose of shade. Just this past Sunday, Kordell Stewart returned to the show to share his side of the story on his divorce from Porsha, and now, Walter Jackson–that’s right, Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend who claimed he was paid to pretend he was her man for the show–did an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail. In it, Jackson calls Moore out on living a fake and phony lifestyle for the cameras, claims she doesn’t really reside in Atlanta full-time, and questions if her “African prince” really exists (the one who allegedly bought her that Bentley that Phaedra calls a “rentley”). Here are some interesting tidbits from the chat, which occurred in Lithornia, Georgia at Jackson’s car towing business:

On Her Alleged “African Prince”:

“She talks about an African boyfriend, but nobody on the set or in the cast says they have ever seen him. I am still close friends with a lot of the stars on the show and it has become a bit of a joke, no one believes he is actually real.

She has started talking about getting a sperm donor so she can have a baby. If she had a boyfriend, would she need a sperm donor?”

How They Met And How He Ended Up On RHOA:

“We did used to date about three years ago. We met at an All Star game and went out a few times, but that was it. After that we stayed in touch on the phone and texted a bit, but we didn’t see each other again.

She lived in LA, not Atlanta at that time. She used to stay at her aunt’s place in Lithornia, but she never actually lived in Georgia as far as I know. Then a couple of years ago I got a call from her saying she wanted to move over here and get on the show.

I guess there must have been a few other people being considered for the part, because she knew she needed to make herself more interesting and she felt being in a relationship with me would help with that.

She asked me if I would be on the show and pretend to be her boyfriend. I thought about it for a bit and then decided that I might as well have my 15 minutes of fame.

Kenya told everyone she had moved to Atlanta to be with me. It was nothing to do with me really, she moved to Atlanta to be on the show and relaunch her career.”

The Ups And Downs Of Being Kenya’s Alleged Fake Boyfriend:

“I thought I sucked, because I couldn’t give them what they wanted. It was easy in one sense because they would call me up, tell me to be somewhere and then we would only film for a couple of hours at a time.

But in another way it was difficult because Kenya would throw in stuff I wasn’t expecting and I didn’t know how to react.

She’d start asking me ‘when are we going to get married?’ and I would be like ‘wow, I didn’t know that was coming!'”

His Claims That She’s Not As Well-Off As She Pretends To Be:

“She needs this show, it pays her well and as far as I ever saw she hasn’t got much money without it.

She says she runs a production company, but I didn’t see any evidence that it makes money. I used to go and stay with her out in LA. Her place was OK, but she is nothing like the image she tries to give off on television.

She is not glamorous and she is not rich. I didn’t ever see her buy anything. I know she owns a Range Rover, but I am sure that Bentley is rented. She probably gets it from the dealership for free in return for advertising.

She hasn’t ever owned a house in Atlanta as far as I am concerned.”

His Claims That She Doesn’t Even Really Live In Atlanta:

“I mean everything about her is fake in my opinion. She doesn’t even live in Atlanta. As far as I know she flies in for filming then flies back out to LA.

All the rest of the cast go out together and are known in Atlanta. She never goes out in the city. I’m out all the time and I never see her.

I’m not a hater, I think she is a great actress and great entertainment, but people need to open their eyes a bit if they think what they see from her is reality.”

These claims have been made about Kenya before by other cast members, so there isn’t a whole lot that Walter dished that has blown my mind. Especially the bit about her African prince. We all know he’s is not coming around anytime soon since he doesn’t exist. But what did you think of what Walter had to say? Check out the full, very lengthy interview over at the Daily Mail Online.

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