Straight From His Mouth: Cute, Pretty, Beautiful — The Different Levels Of Attractiveness Explained

December 30, 2013  |  

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is one of the only truths that exist when evaluating the physical appeal of the opposite sex. While using labels to describe the beauty of a woman, the words are somewhat arbitrary. Generally, there is no “one size fits all” category that makes everybody happy. Words like “pretty, beautiful, cute, and sexay” mean different things to me than they do to another man, simply because our tastes are different. I make decisions to approach women based on whether I find her physically attractive. It doesn’t matter if I find her cute, sexay, beautiful, or pretty, if she catches my eye and looks friendly enough, I’m going to strike up a conversation. With that said, the words do bring up different types of women, so I’ll give a quick breakdown of each word as I use them.

If I say a woman is beautiful, I’m referring to a combination of both her personality and her looks. Beautiful women have an inner glow that is hard to ignore. Something about the way they move, talk, laugh, or smile, is intoxicating. It’s mesmerizing to watch a beautiful woman do almost anything, simply because their beauty seems to be present in almost every action they do. Beautiful women are usually near the top of the attraction scale for me; they have few physical flaws and are always someone I’d be interested in dating. These are my high 9s and perfect 10s on the attractiveness scale.

If I say a woman is pretty, I’m talking strictly about the physical. Pretty women have a different sort of air to them. I usually end up using this word for women who are fully put together in terms of makeup (not mandatory though), jewelry, or the way they’re dressed. When I think of pretty women, it looks like they’re about to hit the runway. These are the kind of women who can walk outside and damn near stop traffic. The kind of women that guys get caught looking at while they’re with their girlfriends and once the girlfriend see these women, even they have to admit that she’s worth almost getting slapped for looking at. Theres are my high 8s and low to mid 9s on the attractiveness scale.

If I  say a woman is cute, I don’t mean like a koala bear. I mean a really attractive woman who might have a few understated features. I got into an argument on Twitter once about the definition of cute and how it was an insult for women to be called cute. I don’t know if that was just a Twitter thing or if that’s a new policy that was installed without my knowledge, but when I call a woman cute, I’m saying “I’m physically attracted to this woman.”  Cute women may have similar features as beautiful or pretty women, but either haven’t gotten to the point where they’ve realized their full potential or their features don’t really stand out in the same manner as more attractive women do. These are women I consider to be in the 7-mid 8 range in levels of attractiveness

A woman being sexay, for me, holds a different meaning. Unlike the previous three definitions, sexiness isn’t really tied to attractiveness. Sexiness is more so based on actions, meaning even women I otherwise think are unattractive can be sexay (like Teyanna Taylor who is my poster child for the “sexay ugly” chicks of America). If I say a woman is sexay, it’s something she does physically that exudes sex. It could be the way she walks. The way she chews gum. The way she wears her clothes or even her attitude. Sexiness is a factor that stands on its own, meaning, a woman can be beautiful, pretty, or cute, but that doesn’t automatically mean she’s sexy. Sexiness is an entirely different category that has it’s own scale and criteria.

Most of the men I know classify women in a category of attraction based on a number of different factors that matter him specifically. In most cases, these categories determine whether a woman is dateable to a man, but again, the definitions made for each category aren’t universal. For some men, a woman being cute isn’t enough. Some men think sexiness can only be tied to women they find attractive. Other men don’t use the same qualifiers, but categorization does happen and it’s something taken into consideration when men are figuring out where they want to go with a woman.

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