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Three children will be forced to begin the new year without their mother, Sheryl Outerbridge, a 38-year-old Harlem resident who died at the hands of her jealousy-stricken lovers. According to the New York Times, for years Sheryl carried on a polyamorous relationship with Malik Wilkerson and his wife, Devonee Wilkerson. The three-way romance is said to have been filled with violence, rage and abuse—mostly at the hands of the Wilkersons.

“Initially she thought she was in control and this is one big party,” said the victim’s sister, Crystal Outerbridge. “My sister loved the fantasy; she didn’t want to see the reality behind it, the reality that she was with a predator with a smiling face.”

Fellow residents of Sheryl’s Harlem apartment building say that although she lived with the Wilkerson’s, she frequently fled their two-bedroom home, returning to her own apartment battered. However, her stays were never long because the couple would usually come to the apartment, demanding that she return to their Queens home.

“When she would come home, they would come and show up and knock on her door,” recalled Sheryl’s close friend, Nicole Irving.

Dec. 2 would be the last time that Sheryl would leave the couple. Friends and family members say that after she left Wilkerson’s home, Malik proceeded to call her family and friends in a rage, expressing that he believed Sheryl was seeing other men. Devonee later told police and that her and her husband eventually drove around Queens until they found Sheryl at a train station in Jamaica. She went on to say that they forced her back to their home, which is where the deadly beating began. Apparently the couple beat her in turns, but for two very different reasons. While Devonee was upset about a tattoo that Sheryl had gotten on her buttocks, which read: “Bish Baby,” a pet name that Devonee reserved for her husband, Malik’s rage stemmed from concerns about Sheryl seeing other men.

“There are boundaries not to cross,” Devonee later told police. “She should have never gotten that tattoo, because I am his wife and that kind of tattoo is reserved for me.”

The couple continuously pounded at Sheryl’s temples and battered her legs with paint rollers, ignoring her cries for help. At one point during her discussion with police, Devonee revealed that in her pleas for help, Sheryl called out to Malik, referring to him as “Daddy,” which angered her even more.

“I snapped again,” Devonee told detectives before confessing to throwing a beer bottle at the victims head and burning her with a lit cigarette. “That was another boundary not to cross.”

A hammer was also used to inflict pain upon Sheryl during the brutal attack. The next day, Devonee and another man carried Sheryl’s lifeless body into Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Though they initially claimed that they found her near-death body lying on Sutphin Blvd. Investigators eventually pealed back the  layers of their story to find a chilling tale of jealousy, rage and murder.

“I know Malik had fallen in love with Sheryl,” Devonee eventually confessed to detectives.

Devonee is being held without bail on kidnapping charges that resulted in death. She has also been charged with assault with the intent of causing physical injury with a weapon. She is scheduled to appear in court in Dec. 19. Malik was later picked up in Pittsburgh, where he awaited extradition to New York.


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