14 Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

January 2, 2014  |  
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Just as much as men try their best to understand women, us women do our darnedest to try to unravel the puzzle that is a man. While women will probably continue to hold the crown as the more complicated species, it goes without saying that there are certain things about men that we will seriously never understand. We’ve already covered the things men don’t understand about us so here are the things women don’t understand about men

Lack of attention to detail

Women and details go hand-in-hand, but when it comes to men, even when they’re told the details, they seem to go right out the window. While a man knows that his parents are hosting dinner next week, he has no idea what’s on the meal plan or what time you two are to arrive, but he does know that it’s time to restock the booze in the refrigerator. Men just remember the big picture, never the details that create said picture unless, of course, the details are important to them.

Why men are so emotionally repressed

Rarely will you find a man who is an open book when it comes to his emotions, and when you do, it’s almost like you’ve struck gold. Most men are pretty emotionally repressed and it requires a heavy sledgehammer to start knocking down those walls. And even then it can be hard to figure out what a man is really truly feeling and thinking. Whatever the reason may be, us women just don’t understand it, considering most of us are pretty emotional.

The need to be extremely independent

While this may not be the case for all men, most men have this idea in their mind that they have to be independent, no matter the situation. Has your man ever gone into a store looking for something, has no idea where it’d be located, but refuses to ask someone? Or maybe he’s headed out to a new restaurant but refuses to use a GPS until he’s lost? Men are independent creatures, but some of them are overly-independent.

The need to fix everything

We understand that you want to change our tire because it’s flat and we understand that you want to take a shot at fixing the leaky faucet before paying a plumber, but must men feel the need to fix every single problem? When we talk to a man about an issue we’re having, physical, mental, or emotional, they’re the first ones with a plan to fix it. From backstabbing girlfriends to rude bosses, men are wired into thinking they need to fix everything. Sometimes we just want you to listen to our sob stories and rub our backs.

The ease of distraction

Ever asked your man to take the laundry down to the laundry room or put his dishes in the sink and later on realized he didn’t follow through? Distraction seems to rule men, and even if they say that they will do something, most of them get distracted. Maybe it’s the short attention span or maybe men just have really different priorities.

The inability to multitask

When a woman wants to get things done, she’s able to do so quickly, even if it requires doing several different tasks at the same time. However, asking a man to multitask is like asking a baby not to cry or a dog not to bark; it’s just not happening. Combining multitasking and a man is pretty much asking for complete mayhem.

Reliance on us to find their stuff

Most men seem to have some pretty short attention spans and they have a tendency to do before they think. How often has your man asked where he put his phone, his sunglasses, or his shoes? For some odd reason, men expect us women to mentally keep track of where they put every little thing. Even though we didn’t use it last, men think we have some magical GPS on every item in the house. Oddly enough, it’s more likely than not that we do know where your socks are.

Bathroom etiquette

So we semi-understand the whole toilet lid up and down thing, and we kind of understand not replacing an empty roll of toilet paper since women use it more than men, but what’s up with the aim? How and why is it that most men seem to somehow miss the toilet bowl, despite the size difference between their manhood and the bowl itself. It’s mind-boggling, really. And on another note, what exactly are you doing in the bathroom for 30 minutes? Writing a novel?

The complete breakdown when a man is sick

If you’ve ever taken care of a sick man, you know how rough it can be. Who would have thought that a sick man can transform himself into a helpless 2-year old child who needs you to do everything for him? It’s amazing how dependent men become when they’re feeling a little under the weather. You’d think that a call to mommy was in store.

The inability to use the hamper

For most men, you’d think that hampers were their arch enemy. Rarely will you find a man who puts every article of clothing in the hamper. More often than not you’ll find dirty clothes scattered around the house and even near the hamper, but it’s rare that a man will actually put his stuff inside of the laundry basket. All we can do is ask why, and throw a small fit when we’re picking up your dirty stuff.

Sex can be a cure all

This isn’t the case for all men and for all situations, but there are definitely some times when we’re completely baffled as to what sex can heal for a man. Just got a pay cut? Let’s have sex. Best friend has turned his back on you? Time for fun between the sheets. Just had a big argument? Sex! Though we understand it sometimes, we don’t always get how and why sex can be such a big band aid.

Phone and communication issues

For most women, communication is really important, and if a man gives us his number, we expect to be able to talk to you. However, most men are extremely picky about talking on the phone and communicating in general. We don’t understand why you can’t call us back, let alone pick up your phone when it rings. What’s the fascination with keeping your phone on silent or on vibrate?

The ability to remember so much sports-related information

For those men heavily involved in sports, one mind-blowing talent that they all seem to have is the ability to remember specific information about sporting teams, their players, and then the stats of each player. While us women remember details, we can’t fathom the idea of remembering such trivial information. How and why do you do it?

The need to “adjust”

Since we just don’t have the same parts as men, we’ll truly never understand why most, if not all men, have the need to adjust themselves down there. To us, it’s gross, weird, and completely uncalled for. But, in a man’s world, these adjustments are a must, no matter how disgusting or socially awkward we find them to be.

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