Males Just Don’t Understand: Things Men Don’t Get About Women

December 11, 2013  |  
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Though women may not really be from Venus and men from Mars, there are some definite differences between the genders and misunderstandings that regularly occur. While the psychological gap may not be a huge one, it’s hard to admit that there isn’t one at all. From certain topics to multitasking, there are some things that men just don’t get about us ladies. Here are 14 things that men don’t understand about women and probably never will.

Asking a question but hating the answer if it’s not the answer we wanted

We’re all guilty of having asked our men the dreaded “how do I look?” question, and while most men answer correctly and right on target, some don’t. When a man gives the wrong answer to this question, we tend to get very upset. Men don’t understand that women like to feel as though you think we look good, even if we know we do. There’s something about that outside approval that we crave.

Saying that we’re “fine” when we aren’t

Most women, at some point in time, have told their man that they’re fine or that nothing is wrong, even though saying so is a lie. These words often come out in a fit of frustration when a man doesn’t understand why we’re upset, so we lie a little and leave it up to him to figure it out. Men will never realize that we say these phrases simply because we haven’t had enough time to gather our thoughts or because we aren’t at that time an place where we want to be assertive.

Having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear

For most men, clothes are clothes, and whatever is clean and wrinkle-free is plenty good enough. However, it’s completely different in a woman’s world. Having a closet full of clothes isn’t the same as having something to wear. Having something to wear means finding an outfit that we like and that we want to wear at that specific time. Though the difference may seem subtle to a man, it really truly isn’t.

Needing multiples of the same clothing

If you were to take a look in your closet or in your wardrobe, it’s likely that somewhere in there you have some very similar items, such as three pairs of dark jeans or four black shirts. To a man, this is outrageous and in the end these items are all the same. But, to a woman, variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to clothes. While a man may think your jeans or shirts are exactly the same, we know that each item in our closet is completely different. For men, a shirt is a shirt.

Asking questions about other women

Just as we’ve all asked the dreaded “how do I look?” question, we’ve all asked our man a question about another woman (that we didn’t really want the answer to). If you’ve ever asked a man if he finds another woman attractive, we know that no answer will do. If he says no we’ll think he’s lying and if he says yes we’re jealous and completely upset. Men will never understand why we ask these questions, knowing that there isn’t a correct answer.

No pain, no gain

Women like to feel good and look good, even if those two things come at the cost of a little pain and discomfort. Maybe you decided to wear your stilettos out on the town one night or maybe you bought some new shapewear to really give your figure a boost, but at the end of the night, you’re left uncomfortable and in pain, and women are known to be vocal about it. Sadly, men will never realize that beauty and pain sometimes go hand-in-hand. To a man, the fix is to simply not do it again. But we all know that isn’t the answer.

Bathroom antics

For men, going to the bathroom is just that, and nothing more. However, for women, going to the bathroom usually results in a lot of other activities. Men don’t understand what takes us so long in there nor do they understand why we don’t mind going to the bathroom in a group. Little do men know that makeup touch ups and some gossip take more time than the usual bathroom trip.

Bad hair days

When waking up in the morning, most men have very minimal maintenance to do when it comes to their hair. However, most women have a completely different routine. While we may say that today is a bad hair day, it’s unlikely that your man will notice anything different. To a man, there’s no difference between a good hair day and a bad one. Hair is hair for most men.

Hormones and emotions

Though men suffer the same problem occasionally, women are more likely to be the victims of mood swings and unexplainable mood changes. Men don’t understand that sometimes we’re just not in a good mood. They also tend to not understand that just because we’re in a bad mood doesn’t mean that it’s that time of the month or that we’re angry. A woman’s emotions are complicated. Bottom line.

Dessert decisions

So your man has taken you out to a nice restaurant and the question of dessert has come up. You politely pass but your man orders something that sounds drool-worthy. Once the sweets arrive, you’re sitting next to him with a fork in hand, taking plenty of bites and tastes. Men will never understand that for women, dessert is like kryptonite. No matter how full we are, there’s always room for dessert.

Claiming not to a preference when we really do

Your man asks what you want to eat for dinner and you reply “whatever you want” or “I don’t care” and he instinctively responds with “pizza.” However, despite saying that you have no preference you get angry that he choose pizza instead of something you wanted, but didn’t say so. Women like to keep things neutral and like to make it seem like they don’t have expectations in efforts of avoiding becoming the stereotypical high maintenance woman. Men just don’t understand it!

Shopping trips and trying on clothes

For most women, shopping and trying on clothes is a fun way to pass time. What men don’t understand about our shopping trips is how we try on dozens of different outfits but only leave the store with one or two. In a man’s mind, if you’re trying on the outfit, you clearly like it and should buy it, but in our minds, if the outfit isn’t perfect, we don’t want it anymore. When it comes to clothes and fashion, men don’t understand, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Our ability to multitask

Men and multitasking doesn’t mix very well. For most men, playing video games and eating chips is about as much multitasking as they are capable of doing. However, when it comes to women, we’re able to juggle several different tasks at once and by the end of it all, we’ve completed every single one successfully. Science has proven that women are much better are multitasking than men.

Our crying ability

Most men aren’t softies and rarely do they cry, let alone show too much emotion. However, most women cry at the smallest things. The pet commercials on TV. A chick flick. A sappy love story. Compared to men, women are able to cry at the smallest and silliest of things. Men don’t understand that we’re super emotional beings and even the smallest things can bring us to tears. To men, it’s silly.

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