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Actress Regina Hall is certainly doing her thing. With another highly anticipated movie slated to hit theaters in less than a week and an über lucrative acting career, some would question what else the 42-year-old beauty could possibly ask for. During a recent interview with Rolling Out, The Best Man Holiday actress revealed that she desires to raise a family. She also opened up about her relationship with God and how that impacts her career. Check out her interview highlights below.

On fame:

“In moments like this, you realize that fame is a blessing. But to be honest, I don’t think about it all that much. I don’t even know that I think of myself as famous. In the end, what does fame really mean? It’s a hard life not to necessarily know what’s next. It’s an amazing one, but I think it forces one to have a bigger reliance on faith … you have to get closer to God and to what spirituality means to you. In the end, it’s good to work, but I think that fame is the part that you have to throw away. It’s a by-product of all of this … all of this hard work that we put in.”

On what it would take to walk away from it all:

“When it doesn’t mean anything anymore. If my ego became so big that it became a detriment to who I am as a human being, then I would walk away from it all.”

On wanting a family:

“I want a family. I look forward to having kids one day, and having a great partnership.”

“I’d love to raise a son. I think I’d like to offer the world an amazing black man. But then again, I try my best not to think about it too much, because what can I do about it? It is something that’s important to me though, and something that I pray can be a part of my journey here.”

“The movie [The Best Man Holiday] made me think about relationships where I want the other person to know that there is nothing but love. But more than anything, it made me want to take more time with my family while we’re all here, and not take for granted my own health, and my own life.”

On her relationship with God:

“When you’re up close and personal with Hollywood, you realize that it’s hard for everyone, and that people are going through the same things that you are. At the end of the day, people are just people, and we will all return to dust one day. God is no respector of person, so while Hollywood is great, it just is what it is.”

“I mean, when you really think about it, we have control over so little … Hollywood stars included. People may think that we have control over everything, but then your eyes blink, and your blood circulates … the divine power that holds everything together — that makes the sun rise, the stars glisten, and the tides flow — when you think about all of that, then you just have to know that there is something bigger than you. The blessing in being able to have faith in that helps to make sense of life even when it doesn’t.”

“I am in complete surrender to God. I’m like, ‘yes God, you win. I am open to whatever you want to do with me.”

Love her!

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