Reasons A Man Hasn’t Called And How You Can Remedy The Situation

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So you went on a date with this guy and things went pretty well. You had good conversation, laughed a lot, and generally felt like you were in good company. The date was two days ago and you still haven’t heard from him, so your mind is thinking the worst situation possible. Just because a guy hasn’t called doesn’t mean that you should write him off. There are some legitimate reasons why a man may not have dialed you just yet. Here are a few as well as advice on what you can do to change the situation.

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He’s busy

Some men really lead jam-packed lives. Think about it, was it a breeze setting up a date with him? If not, his schedule may just be loaded. Maybe work has been overly busy for him recently or maybe juggling work and school all at once has left him with very little free time. And when he has a free moment, it’s a little too late to call you. A busy schedule can definitely keep a man from calling you.

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He doesn’t want to seem desperate

Just like us women, guys too play hard to get, even though you’ve already been on a date with him. By not calling you, he’s almost waiting to see who makes the first move. He’s also trying to pique your interest to see just how much you’re willing to wait. Hard to get is a fun game to play, when you aren’t on the receiving end.

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He’s waiting for you to follow up on your word

After the date ended or when you two last spoke, did you tell him that you would call? Some men like to hang onto every word that a woman says, and if you claimed that you would be the one calling, then he, just like you, is waiting for you to pick up the phone and dial his number.

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He thinks things are going too fast

A lot of calling back and forth can make the two of you feel as though you’re in a relationship. Maybe he thinks things are going a bit too fast or maybe he doesn’t want you to think that you two are exclusive just yet. By not calling you, he’s slowing things down and pushing the brakes.

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He’s following a standard

He’s seen the movies, heard the songs, and listened to his boys talk about how it’s best to wait a few days before calling a woman. For men, it’s an industry standard to wait until dialing a woman as opposed to calling her hours after a date has ended. Men listen to some of the craziest advice!

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He’s trying to push you away subtly

When a man has lost interest or when he’s realized that he wants something else, but not calling, he’s hoping that you’re the one who becomes no longer interested in him. He takes the blame off of him and instead thinks that by not calling, he’s pushing you away without doing it in a really hurtful manner.

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He’s not that into you

A man won’t call or will stop calling when he’s just not that into you. Even if the first date went well, or so you thought, he may have caught some different vibes. No matter what it is, when a guy just isn’t interested in taking things further, he will stop as much communication as possible, starting first with phone calls and text messages.

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He’s an a$$

Flat out, some men are just jerks. Maybe he hasn’t called because he’s playing games or maybe he’s hoping that you’ll call so that you can put in all the effort while you chase him. If a man can’t give you a ring once in awhile but he’s always able to talk when you call, he may just be one of those men who is looking to be chased and is looking to have another female in his pocket for whenever he needs her.

So what can you do?

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Be patient

Though it may be hard, now is a good time to practice some patience. If this man really is busy, and you’ve seen signs of this with him before, one of the best things you can do is wait and be patient. Keep yourself preoccupied and try to keep your mind off of him, and your phone.

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Figure out what’s really going on

If you don’t think that this guy is busy, feel free to send him a text message or an email to get to the bottom of things. Ask him straight up if things are okay, and explain that you haven’t talked to him for a few days. Hopefully he can provide you with an honest answer.

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Call him yourself

When your patience has run low or if you have given up on having him call you, the option is always there for you to call him. But make note that he may not pick up the phone or he may not be able to have a super long conversation with you. Either way, you at least got to share a few words with him and hear his voice.

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Ask friends for some advice

Surely your friends have run into this problem before. Talk to them and see what they did to fix the situation. Your friends can definitely give you some pointers as to whether or not this man is just messing around with you or if he legitimately is dealing with a busy schedule…or if he’s just being a man.

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Be realistic

Not all men are the same. Just because a guy you dated in the past called you minutes after a date ended and then later that night to wish you a good night doesn’t mean that this guy will do the same or act the same way. Be realistic when it comes to a man calling you. If he’s told you he has a busy week ahead, don’t expect him to call each day. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for a man, especially when you’re just getting to know him.

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Listen to your gut instinct

When it comes to dating and dealing with men, your gut will tell you a lot. If deep inside something is telling you that this man is playing games or really isn’t interested in you anymore, don’t think twice about moving on and letting this one go. Listening to yourself can do you a lot of good when you’re a player in the dating game.

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