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Call me biased, but I believe women are more loyal in relationships than men. While I have no hardcore statistics to back up this notion, my slew of girlfriends and the other ‘ride-or-die’ women I’ve met lead me to wholeheartedly believe this. For that reason, I think when a woman loves, she’s usually in it for the long haul…a man, not so much. In many cases, he has to be borderline obsessed with a woman to increase his loyalty ratings. So does this mean that in order to have a balanced relationship, a man should love you more than you love him? It sounds contradictory, but the idea may hold some truth.

I’m not saying that a woman should be in a relationship with a man that she doesn’t love. No one should, but it makes sense that she would want someone who loves her even more. Why not? I am prone to believing that if a woman loves a man and he treats her right and fulfills his manly duties, she will surely stick with him. A man on the other hand is more physical and requires a lot more attraction to a woman than she would require from him. So him loving you a tad bit more than you love him isn’t so bad, is it?

I want a man who adores me enough to think twice about cheating. Now this isn’t to say that a man who loves you more than you love him won’t cheat, and a man who doesn’t will, but when comparing the odds, it seems greater that he won’t step out if he considers you ‘too good’ for him.

To some, this notion sounds silly. Honestly, when I heard it from an older woman, I thought it was probably the least romantic thing anyone could tell me about love. And if this was what love was about, I didn’t want any part of it. But after several relationships, I’ve started to consider what she said, and it makes sense.

While I’ve yet to come up with a concrete conclusion, I’ve allowed myself to date men who are clearly feeling me a great deal more than I’m feeling them as my feelings are still developing. And as women, we know this could all change, but when a man really feels as if he ‘lucked up’ to get you, his actions are usually different from someone that you almost had to chase down to get to notice you.

Again, there are no stats to back this theory up. Only an older woman attempting to school me on love. And as I’ve had my share of bad relationships, I always consider exhausting all the possibilities. So should I not overlook a man that I love as a person but I’m not in love with, while he’s almost goo-goo ga-ga for me? Or should I hold on to that ounce of hope that says my mate and I can love each other equally? Or seriously, is it even possible?

And if you think being in a relationship where the love is equal isn’t possible, wouldn’t it be better for the ‘loyal woman’ to have the upper hand? Just saying.

Ladies, what do you think? Does this sound silly or probably the closest thing to right when it comes to finding a man that won’t cheat?

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