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A few weeks ago, media outlets lit up like charcoal grills on the 4th of July with reports that a woman believed to be the mistress of Philadelphia Eagles player Michael Vick was penning a tell-all book about her decade-long relationship with the troubled athlete. That woman turned out to be an entertainment blogger who goes by the name Bella Escritor and although she confirms that she is in fact writing about her relationship with Vick, she claims that she’s been inaccurately portrayed in the media. In a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite of 4UMF, Bella dished on how her relationship with Vick came to be and her encounters with his now-wife, Kijafa (pictured above).

On meeting Mike:

“I met Michael in Atlanta, and I didn’t know who he was when I met him. Everyone with me knew, I just didn’t know. I wasn’t really into sports; I didn’t know anything like that. I didn’t like celebrities; I don’t like the whole celebrity thing. So when I found out who he was, I wasn’t really impressed, but he pursued me. So what happened that night, you know, it was suppose to be kinda like a okay, I met him, he seems cool. I don’t know if he was impressed with the fact that I had no idea who he was and when I found out, I didn’t care, but that night, we kinda hooked up. I’m just going to be honest, we straight up hooked up. I went back to his house, we hooked up, and he told me, ‘You know we going to do this forever. We going to be cool like this.’ And I’m just like, ‘Whatever. Obviously you’re a celebrity, you’re an athlete, whatever.’ You just got some, so I’m thinking, okay, you’re not serious. I go back to my house; the next day, I get a call from Mike. The next week, I’m getting calls from Mike. The next month, I’m getting calls from Mike. And it went on and on like that for years. So it was true. I thought it was a joke, I agreed to it. I’m like okay, yeah right. We’re going to be cool like this forever, blah, blah, blah. But then as time progressed, he turned out to be serious about it, and as I got to know him, it got serious for me too. So when you’re around somebody through hard times and good times, and when you met them, they were up, and then when you see them go down, I have the kind of heart where I’m not going to leave you just because you fell down. So that drew us closer, and that’s when the life thing became more serious.”

On on finding out about Kijafa:

“I’ll tell you something that the world does not know, and I’ll put it out there. When you asked me did I know about Kijafa, when I met Michael, he didn’t have a girlfriend. He had her before he met me, I mean, he knew her, and he had women before he met me, but when I met him, he was single.”

“When I found out about Kijafa, I found out he had a 10-month-old that he didn’t even know about. He told me he had a 10-month-old daughter that he didn’t know about, but he knew who it was from, and he knew about the girl, and when he found out he had a child with that girl, he took her in. It was no ifs, ands, or buts, and that’s Kijafa. So when I met him, no, he did not know, as far as I was concerned, this is what he told me. I’d never seen her before; I’d been at the house before so much, I’d never ran into her, until I started seeing clothes in the closet. I started seeing things, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he’s like, ‘Girl, I gotta baby.’ And I already knew he had a son, but he’s like, ‘I gotta baby.’ And I’m just like okay, and he explains the situation. And I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so you knew her before me.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah’. So I was like, ‘So you know it?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s my child. I knew her, we were together.’ He took responsibility from the point she told him he had a daughter. I don’t know how that came about, why they broke up, why they weren’t together when I met him, but from what I was told, that’s how Kijafa came into play. And that’s why I didn’t consider it as serious when he said that it was cool, everything was cool, because I just thought he was just taking care of his responsibility.”

On Mike getting engaged to Kijafa:

“I never wanted to marry Michael. The only conversation we had about marriage was if he was going to marry Kijafa. He would tell me he was not going to get married for about 10, 20 years. He said that he was engaged, or that he’d be engaged forever, but he was not planning on getting married. That’s the only time it came up, because I said once you do that, it’s not going to be for life [with her and Michael] because I need to move on with my life too. If you get married, I need to get married. And between each other, we became friends and family, like so close, that it was like, okay, you’ve got your life, I’ve got my life, when we’re together, we have our life, you know what I mean. And Kijafa, that’s the only subject of marriage. I never wanted to marry Mike, ever. That was not the point. He used to ask me, ‘Why do you like me?’ And I would answer because you’re cool, because your’e my boy. It was never I wanted to marry him. Michael is a good person to know, and a bad person to know, and I know both sides. And for my life, that’s not what I wanted, and he knew that.”

On being confronted by Kijafa:

“She basically called my phone, this was 2011. She called my phone and I saw her calling, and I text Michael. I’m like, you know, ‘Your girl is calling my phone. What do I do?’ And instead of texting Michael, I text her back. And so she’s just like, ‘You know what, come on, answer the phone.’ So I keep telling him, she’s calling. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, she went through my emails, she saw your emails. She’s tripping, that’s just her and her girl acting funny right now, but she’s cool. She read your emails, and she’s like, oh, ya’ll cool?’ So I’m like, if she’s so cool, let me answer this girl’s call. I answer the call, she ain’t cool. When I finally talk to her, it’s like an interview. It was a calm, quiet interview. She had questions for me, I had questions for her, and that’s how it went.”

On she and Kijafa being around Mike at the same time:

“Oh yes I would, yes I would. In the same VIP section. Like at a birthday party or club or wherever he wanted us to be. I mean, he’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m having a birthday party in Atlanta. You coming?’ And I’m like, ‘Not really, I don’t want to go.’ ‘Come on, come on.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright.’ And all of a sudden, Kijafa would show up, and he would say stuff like, ‘Oh, I didn’t know she was coming, but she’s here, so it’s cool.’ I was like, ‘Whatever.’ And that’s just how it happened. I’d be with my girls, and I guess she came with her girls, and we didn’t coincide, but we were all in the same section, and it happened more than once.”

Sounds messy.

What do you ladies make of this?

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