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UPDATED: Jan. 15, 2021 —

In a relationship, there is always the risk that it’ll end, either mutually, or because of you, or because of him. Not all relationships have happy endings and sometimes those ends come after plenty of warning signs and red flags. If you’re in a relationship with someone that is going down-hill and the relationship no longer makes you both happy, it might be time to communicate your feelings—and more importantly, they might be considering calling it quits.

Here are 14 signs that your partner wants to end the relationship:

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1. They’re less talkative

Though the loss of communication doesn’t hit you right away, if your lover is looking to break up with you, they will definitely slowly reduce their amount of communication with you. Maybe they will stop texting you as much and phone calls come to a complete cease. When communication slowly fades away, they are probably quietly plotting a way out.

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2. Fighting is more frequent

In a relationship, fights are inevitable. However, you may have noticed that recently your lover seems to be picking more fights and getting into an argument over the dumbest of things. This may be because they are planning a way out of the relationship. Fights build tension and take the blame off of themselves.

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3. You don’t feel close

At one point you two were inseparable. You loved being around each other and you felt loved and appreciated. You felt connected on a variety of levels. But now you feel the complete opposite. You don’t feel as loved or cared about and they don’t make any efforts to remedy it.

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4. They discuss changes

They want to go back to school and get another degree. They want to take up a job in another city. They want to buy a home. Sound familar? If your partner is looking to break up with you, they may talk about a lot of new plans that don’t involve you. Clearly, if they haven’t included you in these plans, their future isn’t with you.

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5. Saying “I love you” is rare

A lot of couples say those three special words a lot, and it’s likely that you two did as well. However, recently the “I love yous” and sweet nothings haven’t been said and when they are, they seem forced and lack meaning and purpose. If your girl or boyfriend fell out of love and wants to get out of the relationship, they will start cutting you off emotionally.

But don’t sweat it if this is the case, research suggests that regaining a clear sense of self after a breakup is the key to moving on.

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6. Sex becomes non-existent

At one point your sex life was nothing short of amazing, but now it seems that you two have gone celibate. Sometimes people will avoid sex to hopefully draw you away from them. They may even spill out the “I’m tired” or “not right now” phrases, which you know isn’t like them! Be smart, and remember: When your love life declines, your relationship is probably on the downfall too.

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7. There’s a lack of communication

Before all of this, conversations with each other used to be interesting, meaningful, and timeless, and they just flowed. You’d have inside jokes and they would make comments that made you laugh. However, things have changed and now talking in person is dry and forced. When conversations become boring and useless, it’s a big red flag that something is going wrong.

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8. They don’t make commitments

Usually, you guys plan a big vacation together and small dates here and there. But now they don’t want to commit to anything and instead say “we’ll see,” “maybe,” or “time will tell.” This is an obvious sign that they don’t have plans to commit to something that involves you.

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9. They want their gifts back

When your partner is looking to leave the relationship, you may notice they giving back anything you have gotten them and taking back items they have given you. The sudden take and give-backs are a huge sign that something isn’t right.


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10. They change their status on social media

At one point their Facebook or Instagram account included you in their profile picture. Now it’s a picture that really shows off their looks. This could be a sign that they are ready to slowly move into the break-up phase.

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11. They lie

So you’ve asked them to see a movie with you and then on a dinner date a few days later. Instead of accepting, they decline and give you a long and drawn-out alibi as to why they can’t see you those days or any of the following days. Usually, these stories are elaborate but all made up and you’ll spot them immediately.

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12. They crave alone time

This is a really obvious sign that something isn’t right with the relationship anymore. If your lover wants a lot of alone time, and not just the usual “me time” together, they’re trying to distance himself from you and spend less time around you. Asking for time alone on a regular basis is a clear sign that they are no longer interested in being with you.

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13. His friends aren’t welcoming

People tend to talk to their friends about their relationship and the path it’s on. If they want to end the relationship, it’s likely that they will tell their friends before you. This may in turn make them less welcoming and even a little mean towards you. They may cancel plans that you’ve had together and they may be more hesitant to spend time with you.

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14. Your gut is telling you to leave

Women are really good at sensing things before they happen. Do you just feel like something is wrong? Is your heart telling you that things are going downhill quickly? When you start to think about the idea that they may break up with you, you’re probably right. Anytime you get those thoughts and feelings, you’re getting them for a reason.

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