We’re Done: Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2012

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This year was full of drama from all sides, but some celebrities took the foolishness way too far; consequently, we’ll never look at them the same again. Here are 15 famous folks we lost respect for in 2012 and who we hope can get their ish together in 2013.

Too Short

Dirty lyrics are one thing, but Short crossed the line when he gave gross and probably illegal advice to young men on how to take it “to the hole.”

The details are too gross to include here and, thankfully, XXL took the video off their website shortly after this was published, but the “fatherly guidance” included graphic details on what to do with your fingers when you’re alone with a girl. I don’t know how anyone could buy another XXL or Too Short track after that.

Chad Ochocinco

Chad and Evelyn lost a lot of people’s respect once they joined the reality TV bandwagon and let people know who they really were, but Chad makes the list for domestic violence. Hitting a woman is never OK and I don’t know why he doesn’t get just as much shade as Breezy.

Evelyn Lozada

We feel for her ordeal with Chad, but let’s not forget it was this same year that she was throwing bottles at every chick in her path, jumping over tables like a maniac, and putting men before her best friend. It’s not like we had a whole lot of respect left for Evelyn, but on top of all this her opportunistic post-domestic dispute interviews left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.


I just don’t think K. Michele would lie about getting beat up and robbed of her royalties. Plus, Memphitz has let his wife and her friends dog out and try to silence a victim of domestic violence rather than speaking up as a man. Not cool.

Kevin Clash

We don’t care about him being gay. We don’t even care about him messing with younger men — as long as they were of legal age — the trouble is Kevin Clash made the same dumb mistake of so many men before him: thinking with his little head instead of his big one. Why he thought sending emails of a sexual nature from his office computer was a good idea we can’t say. It’s just unfortunate that mistake, and several others, has now completely tainted the legacy of the man we’ll always remember as Elmo.

Kenya Moore

Not just because she’s phony enough to fake a relationship for TV but because her attitude is so ugly. It’s time for Kenya to get over herself because we’re just about over her riding that Miss USA wave. The wheels have most certainly fallen off and that bougie attitude is around 15 years past its expiration date.

Kanye West

In 2012, Kanye’s career became more about drama than music. I had a feeling he was phony and his relationship with Kim Kardashian just confirmed my suspicions. He needs to get his mind on his day job before more people walk out on his concerts.

Kim Zolciak

I was never team Kim, but she went on a lot of black folks’ ish list when she “allegedly” dropped the N bomb after she fell out with rest of the real housewives. Ne Ne said she was racist all along…and even if she didn’t say the n-word, her reaction to Kandi’s home and her “ghetto” neighborhood were enough to eliminate all tolerance we had left for her. Plus, she’s keeping her parents from her kids. There’s not much salvageable about her.

Deion and Pilar Sanders

I don’t know which one of these two should be more ashamed about how they acted during their divorce so they’re both up here. Pilar jumped her husband in front of their kids, Deion supposedly wanted her to trade sex for her alimony. They are both ridiculous.

Mona Scott-Young

Mona Scott made the list because she’s the producer in charge of all the drama of Love & Hip-Hop. During the reunion special, almost everyone pointed to Mona as the cause for the drama and fights.

Apparently she set situations up to pop off for ratings. And ratings are all well and good but some of the folks who agreed to be on the show were trying to help out their careers. Instead of helping their careers, Mona’s show ruined some of them. I can’t get down with profiting off of other people’s downfall.

Stevie J

I can’t respect Steebie because he uses his financial power — however little that is — over the women in his life to control them. That made me sad for MiMi, sad for Joseline, sad for other women trying to come up, and sad for whatever is so broken in Stevie J that he feels the need to treat women this way.

Stacey Dash

I can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. I can’t respect a woman silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash is both of those. ‘Nuff said.

Halle Berry

Some of ya’ll are going to disagree. But I can’t respect a woman who would bring her relationship drama around her babies. The type of relationship you choose to have by yourself is your business. But if you can’t be in a relationship without fighting at Thanksgiving in front of the baby, you need to be single for a while while you work your issues out in therapy.

Clint Eastwood

Most people didn’t know Clint Eastwood was a Republican and that wasn’t really the big deal. The question was why would he come out of the political closet for Mitt Romney of all people. And after that talk to the chair incident, we weren’t sure of the man needed to be committed or if he was actually serious about what he was doing. Since we never got a clear answer, our respect remains dangling in the wind.

Keyshia Cole

Sorry, but we just can’t rock with that whole, “Well, I’m biracial” caveat to participating in Black Girl’s Rock. Don’t get brand new Keyshia. Her fan base may not be going as strong for her now as they used to, but she is sadly mistaken if she thinks the white side of her that she doesn’t even know if she has is going to replace the people she lost. All she did was shrink the remaining few who were gunning for her.

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