Forget-Me-Nots! 10 Memorable Episodes from ‘A Different World’

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Known for being a show created by Bill Cosby, as a spin-off of “The Cosby Show,” “A Different World” went on to become one of the longest running black sitcoms.  We learned a lot of lessons from the show and had many laughs. And, who can forget those theme songs by Aretha Franklin and Boyz II Men? Here are 10 memorable episodes from one of our favorite black shows.

Forever Hold Your Peace

We all know the show had its struggles during its beginning stages before getting better once Debbie Allen came aboard. In this episode, Dwayne travels to New York and visits his longtime Hillman crush, Denise Huxtable, only to find that she has married. Realizing his hopes of ever being with Denise are now shattered, things soon begin to heat up between Dwayne and Whitley.



Cats in the Cradle

In an important episode about the ways in which we stereotype others; racist students from a rival football team get into a fight with Ron and Dwayne, after attempting to spray paint the N word on Ron’s car. The episode aired during the week of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday to teach us we’re all the same on the inside.

As we watched them both grow and mature from the first season, we realized that Dwayne and Whitley were bound to get together— but it wasn’t easy. In this episode Whitley realizes her feelings for Dwayne, but he has a new girlfriend named Kinu. So, Ron hires Whitley as a maid and the battle for Dwayne’s heart begins between the two ladies. Patti LaBelle as Dwayne’s mother makes for more lovable comedy.

If I Should Die Before I Wake

This episode made A Different World one of the few shows to address the AIDS epidemic sweeping the nation at time. Whitley thinks she is finally ready to have sex with Dwayne, only to find out her classmate Josie (Tisha Campbell) is HIV positive, during an assignment in speech class. The episode was a reminder of the ignorance surrounding the disease, and why we all need to protect ourselves and wrap it up.

In The Eye of the Storm

A hurricane is set to hit Hillman College and everyone gathers in The Pit for safety. Meanwhile, Ron and Freddie are trapped in the school’s radio studio together, making for a interesting kiss heard all across campus through accidental broadcast.

Do You Take This Woman?

Prepared to be married, Dwayne and Whitley’s parents come to town to celebrate their engagement, but there is trouble in paradise. Dwayne and Whitley must decide whether they are really ready to marry, while their mothers (Patti LaBelle and Diahann Carroll) duke it out over wedding arrangements.

Mammy Dearest

The women of Gilbert Hall take a trip back into history, in order to learn about the struggles of strong black women throughout their history of slavery, up until modern times.  Kim struggles with her own identity, as Whitley wants to include the historical figure Mammy in the exhibit of black women. Lena also discovers that Whitley’s family once owned slaves.

Save the Best for Last, Part 2

As one of everyone’s favorite episodes, Whitley is set to marry Sen. Bryon Douglas, when Dwayne interrupts the wedding. We all cheered for him from the moment he said, “Whitley, I want you and if you want me, I want you to be my wife!” And, the rest is TV history…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

While consumed with working all the time, Whitley feels neglected by Dwayne and tries to everything she can think of to pique his interest again. After running out of ideas, she calls the Montel Williams Show for some advice.

Homie, Don’t Ya Know Me?

Lena’s friends from Baltimore come to Hillman to visit her, and her old boyfriend Piccolo (Tupac) wants her back. Lena’s current boyfriend, Dorian and Piccolo fight and Lena’s friendships are tested.

Did you remember all of these moments? What was your favorite moment from “A Different World”?


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