That Suit Suits You: 10 Famous Fine Men Who Used To Dress A Mess But Cleaned Up Well

October 25, 2012  |  
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Wow, how things have changed! It seems like just yesterday when it was the cool thing for men in hip-hop to wear their white T-shits down to their knees with the baggy jeans sitting below their waste and a fitted cap to match. Or in an effort to be different, come off doing the absolute most. Well, it ain’t cool anymore! Some of the industry’s hottest male celebs have completely changed their style. They went from doing the least with their ensembles to tailored suits and a fresh fade! This is not to say that they looked bad that way, but damn do they look good this way!

Trey Songz


Trey Songz was so young when he first hit the scene that it’s safe to say that the reason he changed was because he just grew up. The braids and the scrawny body were okay when he was singing about trying to make it, but now that he’s actually done so, we’re glad to see that he actually got himself a stylist and a clue. If dressing like this is being grown up…it’s safe to say that grown up Trey Songz is definitely sexier.

 50 cent

Who else remembers when 50 cent’s signature look was a “wifebeater” and jeans? With those muscles, we don’t blame him for always trying to show it off! It seems like age, success and all that mulah has put an end to him caring about showing it off because these days he doesn’t mind covering it all up with a classy suit. And we actually prefer him like that. Now if only he could grow up maturity wise and stop trying to beef with anybody and everybody all the time…


T.I. is one of those men who looks damn fine either way! He could keep the street look for all we care, and he’d still look great. But at the same time, who doesn’t love a man in a suit? Now we know what the whole T.I. vs TIP battle was about!



Back in the day, you couldn’t have paid Jay-Z to wear a suit. It was all about the jeans, jerseys, Timberlands, Rocawear fits and a fitted cap.  Somehow something made him change.…something tells me that it starts with the letter B and ends with the letter E? The exposure he’s received since connecting with his lady has caused his style to make a 180 change, and if he wants people to take him seriously as a businessman, he needs to dress the part. This is a good start!


Before Common was absolutely delicious at all times, he was a fan of the usual rapper attire: baggy jeans and fitted caps. I know, it feels like an eternity ago. But if you don’t remember that early time in his career, I’m sure you can recall his love of crochet hats, pants, scarves, and all things very hippy and eclectic. Blame that on his ex, Erykah Badu, but he knew what he was doing when he put those pants on. Nowadays, he keeps it simple, and it works.



Lloyd’s urban look seems to have disappeared with his signature long hair. He didn’t just get a hair cut, but he also got a fabric cut too…meaning his clothes got tighter and better cut for his body.

Mos Def aka, Yasiin Bey


It seems like the new fashion choices for Mos Def started when he became an actor. Maybe walking the red carpet makes you forget about the hard pavement on the streets? Ironically, he’s also changed his stage name to Yasiin and found himself in the pages of GQ and doing ads for Louis Vuitton. He sure has changed over the years, and I don’t think anyone is complaining. He looks handsome!


Another person who was changed by the big screen seems to be Ludacris. All of a sudden he became more Christopher Bridges and started looking a lot less ludicrous. No more jerseys or huge baggy shorts and huge afros and braids. All of a sudden it was more collared shirts and tailored pants. Not to mention a fresh haircut and a classy lady on his arm at all times. Talk about an upgrade!

Andre 3000


What was he really doing in those purple pants though!? Mr. Andre Benjamin has gone on the ultimate style voyage over the years. From rocking blonde wigs and costumes to trying locs and bohemian chic looks, it took a while, but it seems he’s finally settled on one type of look. And it works! The fresh blazers and use of bright colors aren’t too over the top (anymore), and the look that has become his signature is definitely a one of a kind style.

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