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My mother always told me that you can tell how a person was raised by how great/poor their manners are. If I were to take make my mama’s views my own, I’d assume that almost every other person was raised by a pack of wolves in an untouched forest. I don’t wish for us to revert to the Victorian or Elizabethan ages manner-wise, but My God, some of us can do treat others a little more nicely, and carry ourselves with a little more respect.

So, here are 6 signs of poor manners. Hopefully none of our readers will see their traits within these scenarios. And of course, please list what you consider to be poor manners in the comments section. We’ll be looking for them!

Spitting In Public

This is one of the most vile things a person can do in public. Having grown up in a major city, I’ve been used to (to my chagrin) seeing men do this, especially on cold, winter mornings. Maybe I am noticing this more, or maybe its a new trend, but women are now committing this disgusting habit like its second nature.

Your body fluids should be relieved in proper spaces and times (like, I don’t know, a BATHROOM), not when you are on the corner chatting with someone (what disrespect to spit in a friend or lover’s presence!), or are waiting for the lights to change so you may cross the street. We can’t keep complaining about our ‘hoods being unfit to live in, if we’re the ones turning them into a pigsties.

Throwing Money On The Counter When Purchasing Goods

I’ve never worked retail, no fast food joints, or even waitressed. My mother worked in the food industry in her first year in America, and always warned me to to try to steer clear of that industry, and many others that are heavily based in customer service. As I grew older and wiser, I was able to understand why my mother was adamant in this approach. People are rude as hell!

I have seen people snap at waiters for forgetting condiments (They have plenty of other tables designated to them, and they are human. Cut them some slack.), throw clothes on the floor in shopping malls instead of placing them back on the hanger, and throw the money on the counter when purchasing an item. The latter is so disturbing to see. Many assume that because one works as a cashier, they are beneath them in many ways. This could not be further from the truth. Anyone who is willing to stand on their feet for hours at a time to answer questions, and bag items deserves the upmost respect. Throwing the money on the counter might mean nothing to you, but think about how you would feel if the next time your boss needed you to file some documents, he or she threw them aggressively on your desk instead of handing them to you in your hands…not so nice, is it?

Constantly Checking Your Phone/ Tweeting / Texting When Out With Others

This has become such a hot thing that I don’t think many realize how rude it is. I don’t care if your posting pictures of us up or tweeting to let all your followers know how much of a good time we’re having. Put your phone away and give me your undivided attention.

When I am spending time with someone, I like to immerse myself in the current setting and in their presence. I don’t want to miss a joke, a laugh or a serious account of a recent life event. We spend so much time on our phones, on social media that we forget to take live in the “now.” One of the most hurtful and idiotic things you can do to friends and loved ones, is to force them to compete with your phone for a moment of your time.

Refusing To Give Up Your Seat For Someone In Need On Public Transportation

This is just common courtesy. If you see a pregnant woman, blind man, or other person in need just give up your seat on the train/bus to them. It won’t hurt, I promise.

When people who are in need of a quick resting place come board public transportation, it’s as if everyone grows oblivious to them. I’ve stood next to heavily pregnant women and elderly folks on crowded subway trains, desperately doing the best they can to hold on, while a plethora of able bodied people sit reading their books and staring off into space. I am sure that if we were in their position, we would want someone to extend upon us a quick act of kindness and grace.

Playing Music Loudly In Inappropriate Settings

This too tends to happen a lot on public transportation – headphones blaring music for the whole vehicle to hear. Sometimes it’s not even the headphones that are so loud; folks will turn on their phones and play the music from there, as if there was a general request from the other passengers.

Here’s the thing, just because a song sounds great to you doesn’t mean its going to sound awesome to everyone else. Have some courtesy for the people next to you, and play your music at a reasonable volume. Besides, listening to music that can be heard from New York to China will only leave you deaf in the end.

The Magic Words: Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome

Simple, kindergarten rules that many adults are not capable of following. For example, when a person holds a door open for another most folks tend to slide on through with no acknowledgement. Or if they do pronounce a thank you, a “you’re welcome” is nowhere to be heard, but in its stead is a nonchalant “mmhmm.”

These are one of the first rules we had to learn when being introduced into the greater society. Let’s do our parents, pre-school and kindergarten teachers a great service, and show to the world that we can practice the most basic forms of politeness.

Slamming the Door

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more annoying than hearing someone slam a door. I mean, how hard it to catch or lightly close the door behind you? Or even worst, we’ve all seen or had one person who was to much in a hurry to hold the door, who chose instead to let it slam, and therefore the door slams in your face. How rude.

Being Obnoxiously Loud

We’ve all been in a crowded area or on the train, where a group of people are talking and there is always one— one person who is obnoxiously loud for no reason. You hear the conversation all the way from where you’re sitting. And, all you can think to yourself is “Calm down.”

Cutting People Off While Speaking

I understand you feel you have something important to say and you don’t want it to slip your mind, but, let’s try to hold onto the idea without cutting the person off. No one wants to talk to someone, who won’t them let get in a word without being able to finish what they were saying.

Respect Other People’s Space

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in line and felt that the person behind me was too close for comfort. If the person in front of you happens to look at you, or inches forward a little— it’s probably a sign you’re invading their personal space.

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