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According to the “New York Times,” the itty bitty committee once laughed at in high school is on the come-up.

Small-breasted women who once rejoiced at the creation of push-ups and padding and Miracle Bras, are now accepting and loving their A-Cup status as-is.

Is this really a new phenomenon? Not being of the smaller chest size, I haven’t given much thought to the trials that women with less chest than mine experience. I don’t even know that all women with smaller chests want bigger breasts. But I do know that women of a fuller breast size certainly do not need padded bras.

There are crops of boutiques, websites and designers catering to the A-crowd, as Catherine Saint Louis reports:

The persistent strain of A-cup pride running through our culture is unmistakable. Facebook groups like Flat Chested and Proud of It! and Flat Chested Girls United exist, and their members trade bon mots as profound as “im flat as a tack :)” — which garner male support like “you are blessed.” For all their entourage to see, more than 2,300 people joined another Facebook group to declare “flat chested girls are prettier!!”

In recent years, as people’s weight has ballooned, breasts (mostly made up of fat) have only gotten larger, and commensurately bra cup sizes, too. K-cups now exist. Brandishing a tiny bosom may be a reaction to that trend.

Flat-chested girls are prettier?

What’s next–big hat wearers are sexier?

Maybe I’m taking this out of context, but why can’t we all–breasts big and small–just get along?

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