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By Chrissi J

I’m sure that many of us know that gray hairs can have a mind of their own. Once they start peeking out and being noticeable, the pieces start flying and tend to have a mind of their own.*shakes head sadly* Here are just a few simple tips for slicking them down and blending them in before they completely take over your look.

1. Flat Twist: Old-school flat twists–you’ve got to love them. Making a tiny flat twist in the front of the hair can help those gray strands stay down by blending them in with the rest of your hair during all that twisting and turning. Whether I’m styling a Silver Fox’s loose gray hair or locks, I incorporate flat twists to make sure the hairs stay in place and don’t stick out too prominently.

2. Styling Strips: This is my secret ingredient and a Silver Fox’s best friend. Once I’m done with a polished style, I’ll wrap on a styling strip around the edges before I put the client under the dryer. When finished, I slide/tear the strip off in a backward motion. NEVER pull the strip straight forward if you’re hoping to prevent a frizzy look.

Styling strips are available at most beauty supplies. I usually recommend that you use the black ones because they seem to be a bit stronger than most, and definitely look better. Put it on before you go to bed, under your silk or satin scarf, and take it off in the morning for your freshest look. Make sure to use a light gloss or sheen in the morning because the strip will soak all the oil from that area.

3. Color– A lot of people like to blend their gray hairs in with the color of their hair. When choosing a natural color to disguise your grays, I strongly recommend using Bigen brand color. It’s water-based and contains no ammonia or peroxide. You can find Bigen Color at most beauty supplies and health food stores. It’s great for black, brown, or deep red colors. The color deposits deeply and lasts a lot longer than the competition.

… And if you’re feeling funky, go blonde! Blonde blends very well with gray. #imjustsayin

Chrissi J is a hair-care specialist currently based in New York City, specializing in creative natural hairstyling and overall hair care. She is the originator of the Keepin’ It Kinky Campaign. Check out her work and videos at Keepin’ It Kinky and through her YouTube page.

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