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If you had to get rid of one queen in the hip-hop game, who would it be? A social media user named @_pettyking sparked a fiery debate about the topic Jan. 29.

In the post, @_pettyking asked users if they had to choose one female hip-hop titan to retire their crown, who would they like to see go “effective immediately?” Netizens could choose Megan Thee Stallion, Lauryn Hill, Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. In the caption, @_pettyking insisted he wasn’t trying to “cause any drama” with his inquiry.

Within seconds, social media users flooded the comments section with their thoughts — and some of the responses were downright hilarious and heated.

A few users said they would be happy to see Lauryn Hill retire. They cited the singer’s notorious habit of showing up late to her performances as grounds for termination.

“Lauryn. She not coming anyway,” one user commented. Another fan quipped, “Miss Hill. She’s gonna be late and then cuss the fans out for waiting.”

Cardi B detractors claimed that the femcee should be ousted from the industry due to her “mid” bars and poor lyricism. One user named @b.camille_argued that the Bronx native was just an “industry plant” and that her career was never destined for long-term success. The term “industry plant” is a negative label applied to musicians who appear to gain popularity due to their affiliations and financial backing from the music industry while projecting an image of independence.

“Cardi B can go because she wasn’t nothing but a talentless industry plant who doesn’t GAF about rap or rap culture…She just sees it as a gimmick.”

“Cardi can go.”

“Cardi’s bars are mid.”

Instagram users said Nicki should lose her rap crown for insulting Megan Thee Stallion’s deceased mother on her new diss track “Big Foot.”   

Most of the comments section called for Nicki Minaj to be axed from the game due to her “terrible” diss track “Big Foot” aimed at Megan Thee Stallion. Several users slammed the Queen artist for disparaging Meg’s deceased mother, Holly Thomas, in the viral song. Thomas, who died in 2019 after battling brain cancer, was close to the Houston native and played a profound role in her music career.

Some netizens in favor of Nicki exiting the rap game noted that she was the only artist on the list that had never received a Grammy. Users complained that the 41-year-old rapper’s penchant for starting “drama” with other female artists in the game has overshadowed her talent and success over the years.

 “Talking about somebody’s dead mother or mother in general is elementary school.”

“Nicki for her horrible response to Meg about her mom because as a person who lost their mom it hit a nerve.”

“Granny Nicki with no Grammy needs to go.”

“Nicki has run her course for me.”

“Nicki Minaj got to go she caused too much drama.”

“Nicki, she’s a hater!!”

“Chile Cardi and Big Foot can kick rocks bare feet.”

Other users claimed Megan Thee Stallion did not have longevity with her career.

Surprisingly, the controversial debate mentioned Megan Thee Stallion the least among Instagram users. Still, those supporting removing the rapper’s crown claimed she did not have the catalog to stand tall beside Cardi, Nicki and Lauryn. One user argued that Meg wouldn’t be a memorable artist years from now.

“I could not see myself listening to her ten years from now like the other women on this post,” the netizen added.


These queens have worked hard to earn their spot at the top of the hip-hop charts; some are still touring and making hits for fans today. This post is polarizing, indeed. If you had to choose, who would you give the boot to? Tell us in the comments section.

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