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A dad has gone viral on TikTok for defending his daughter after a teacher called to complain about his child’s behavior at school. 

On May 16, a Black TikTok user named @YesMikeSaidIt uploaded a video that captured him speaking to his daughter’s teacher over the phone. She called to notify him about the youngster’s naughty behavior. But instead of scolding his child, the supportive dad urged the teacher to speak directly to his 5-year-old daughter about why she may have acted out in class.

“We call her mom because sometimes that helps to de-escalate her,” the teacher explained. In the background, the little girl shouted, “That’s not my fault.” 

Then, Mike sprung into action and quickly interrupted the teacher. “What is she saying? The TikTok user asked. 

“She’s saying that’s not my fault,” the teacher responded. 

Supporting his child, Mike pleaded with the teacher to find out what may have triggered his daughter to misbehave.

“Okay, so let’s follow up on that. What is the that’s not my fault?” Mike said sternly, pushing the teacher to investigate his daughter’s dispute.

The dedicated dad then asked, “Is anybody engaging with her or talking to her? 

The teacher responded abruptly, “That’s why I’m talking to you.”

Mike, who describes himself as an educator on TikTok, then began to school the sarcastic teacher on the power of communication.

“You want to talk to me. I’m not there. Let’s talk to her. Who’s engaged? All behavior is communication. She’s communicating. Who’s listening to her?” he clapped back.

“I don’t need you to talk to me. I need somebody to communicate with her. Because when I get up there, she’s not going to be in trouble with me because I hear and see a lot of ignoring my daughter.” 

Mike continued to scold the teacher. He claimed that his daughter was an “active” and “happy” child and noted that this wasn’t the first time officials at the school had ignored the young tot’s feelings. 

“We’re not getting to the root issue. She said that it’s not my fault. I don’t hear anyone talking to her,” he said before he asked the teacher if she had support to handle classroom disputes. 

“You can’t do it all, Ms. Drake, even though they want to put it all on you. So, who do you have to support you? Who should be talking to my daughter? So, let’s engage in that conversation. Don’t talk to me. Talk to her. Talk to her like she’s your daughter,” the passionate dad advised before the call dropped. 

TikTok commended Mike for supporting his daughter.

In the comments section, TikTok users praised the dad for stepping up to defend his daughter.

“BE YOUR CHILDS VOICE!!! I love this. I needed this and never got it,” one person wrote. “I know I’m going to have my day like this, and this is how I’ll advocate for mine!”

A second supporter commented, “I wish I was defended like this when I was younger. I got ignored a lot. I want to say thank you, sm for standing up for her like this. It’s amazing.”

One user questioned why the teacher didn’t talk to his daughter to find out what happened first before calling. “That’s crazy!” they added. 

A third TikToker commented, “Well needed. I had teachers that use to LIE on me in elementary & bully me, & single me out.”

Mike responded to the user, “And that’s why I fight for my daughters when allowed to. There are teachers who have unresolved trauma’s themselves who project them on our kids.”

In the caption, the supportive father said he and his wife needed to advocate for their daughters at school, as miscommunication can lead to serious issues for young learners.

“Education and community awareness is key,” Mike wrote. “You have to be able to spot when they have plans for your children for their benefit and not your families.”

This proud papa wasn’t playing about his child!

In a follow-up video, Mike spoke with a few moms about Black parents’ challenges when advocating for their children in school. Listen to the powerful conversation below.

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