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A Las Vegas-based woman is at her wit’s end with motherhood — and unbothered by people’s opinions about it. 

Makeup artist Nia Charlo took to Facebook April 24 and voiced her frustrations as a mother. She said that after nine years as a single parent, she’s “signing over” her parental rights.

Nia explained that her 9-year-old son didn’t understand why her discipline was necessary. The frustrated entrepreneur added that the experience of motherhood wasn’t what she anticipated– despite how much she loves her child. She also revealed how ridiculous it was that her son’s father wasn’t a full-time parent but had the audacity to ask her to “be a family” and bear more of his children.

“…I am to the point where no one is going to stress me out about shit. Not even my own son. My son thinks discipline is having a hard life so I want him to go have a better life. I hope he understands what a hard life is eventually…!!! I don’t have the energy for more [CPS] cases because he doesn’t understand. I love my son but having children is not the life I now understand.”

“Why my baby daddy isn’t full-time with none of his children? And to even think my BD asked me to have another child for him and to be a family is out of line. Way out of line…!!!”

 Nia’s truth regarding her weary and fed-up attitude toward motherhood has garnered strong opinions on social media. 

Users left lengthy comments on Instagram under @itsonsite’s repost of her Facebook upload.

Critics asked why the mother didn’t break her child’s bad habits before their situation reached this point. Others bought up the negative long-term impacts Nia’s son might struggle with if she signs away her rights.

“First of all what makes y’all think a mother who is willing to completely disown her child for just being a child hasn’t beat on him???” one person commented. “Being a parent means NO MATTER WHAT YOU NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR CHILD. Period, no excuse!”

Another said, “I would never give up on my child Idgaf how hard it gets !!”

Many other Instagram users flooded the comments in Nia’s defense. A YouTube video in her favor even popped up April 26.

Fellow mothers chimed in and shared how they’ve also experienced breaking points within their motherhood journeys. Others pointed out that Nia’s choice would be a better outcome than gambling the risk of her harming herself or the child.

“I can appreciate more and more women finally being honest about motherhood bc it’s not easy at all and so many women make it seem that way. She’ll be judged, but fathers do it everyday, they just don’t announce it, it’s low-key expected, and is ok when they do it.”

“If her child got her to this point I’m happy she went this route rather than hurting him or herself.”

“Better her do this, than harm the child, she recognizes that she’s not equipped to parent, hopefully the child has someone who loves him to care for him.”

“A mothers mental state is over looked everyday. Society has put so many statistics on mothers especially black mothers. When in reality it gets this hard for everyone at some point…”




In an April 27 Facebook post, Nia called out her haters and those who never offered her support. 

The makeup artist said she’s received negative comments on posts dating all the way back to 2020. She highlighted that while all her haters seem to be “concerned” about her son, not one of them has ever reached out to help with his wellbeing.

Nia was equally disgusted with the people who knew her personally and hadn’t checked on her until now.

“I did not receive not one phone call or text message when I was sickkkk going to court, had CPS cases, couldn’t eat for days. Sick AF about what my baby was going through when them strange people would come to talk to him.”

The distraught mother told all the IRL and online hypocrites to keep their “fake ass concerns” to themselves. She also said she has plans to switch her phone numbers because she’s side-eyeing “everything.”

Up to 70 percent of Black single mothers reported symptoms “indicative of mild to severe clinical depression” in research condensed in a 2016 study published via the National Library of Medicine.

The rate is strikingly higher than the average of the general American population and up to double the number of Black women without children. 

Research is lacking on the mental health of Black mothers after they experience the perinatal phase. That said, a 2017 study found that targeting “negative thinking will decrease depressive symptoms and enhance the perception of social support in Black single mothers.” 

It may be hard for Nia to terminate her rights in Clark County, Nevada — where she lives.

The Family Law Self-Help Center, based in Las Vegas, says citizens are usually unable to voluntarily sign off on their parental rights.

“Judges want children to have two parents to provide emotional and financial support. You cannot give up your parental rights to avoid dealing with a child’s behavioral problems, and you cannot give up your parental rights to avoid paying child support.”

“You may voluntarily give up your parental rights if someone else wants to adopt the child or if someone else has filed a petition to terminate your rights. You will typically need to go to a court hearing to let the judge know your wishes in person.”

It’s clear that Nia loves her child but is at a place where she feels she can’t do her best for him.

We don’t condone online bullying and negativity being sent her way, especially during a stressful time when her mental health may be at a low point. While Nia has publicly shared her struggles about her motherhood journey, it’s unfair for anyone to assume how much or little she does for her son on a daily basis. Regardless of whether she moves forward with signing away her parental rights, we wish her and her son the best. 

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