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Over the weekend, Plies took to Twitter with a debate that sparked mixed commentary across social media. According to the “Shawty” rapper, he doesn’t believe that women should think or act like a man.

“Cause If That’s The Case U Gone Be Dating A Man,” the Florida native explained of his stance in a tweet sent Jan. 14.

“Give Me A Woman, That Move, Act & Think Like A Lady!!! I Want Mine To Be What Her Driver License Say A ‘Female’….”

Social media shares mixed commentary about Plies’ tweet

Naturally, the comment elicited a ton of mixed reactions from women online.

“I hate when men say this they basically want you to be manipulated & dumb for them,” wrote one user in the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk, who reposted the Tweet.

Some women were quick to defend the “Real Hitta” rapper, including one Instagram user who wrote:

“Women we knew exactly what he meant when he said he wanted a women who acts like a women. So many “women “ these days are so masculine and act like men.”

Another fan on Twitter chimed in:

“There’s nothing like resting in your femininity. I hope lots of women wake up & tap in.”


Jemele Hill asks a thought-provoking question

Hoping to gain more insight into Plies’ stance, sports journalist Jemele Hill popped into the conversation with a thought-provoking question.

Now the question is … how do you think a woman should act?  … and is this something that should be defined by men?” she asked. “Not being combative, just curious.”

In his response, Plies explained that he was not trying to tell women how to act. He claimed that he was “more traditional.”

“That’s what I’ve seen work in my family,” he added. He also advised fans to “connect with whatever works” for their relationship. However, some users felt like the hip-hop star was dodging Hill’s question.



“He dodged the question,” one social media goer wrote. “What is actually acting like a man?”

Another user in favor of Plies’ “traditional” views on women commented:

“Sorry, he answered her question before she even asked! He said he doesn’t want his woman acting like a man! So her question of “how should a woman act?” Not like a man! The answer was right there. Jk! Seriously though, I’m a traditionalist myself, but I won’t argue with others who believe otherwise.. I’ll find someone whose goals and dreams align with mine.”

Plies isn’t the first notable figure to sound off about the female masculinity debate. A number of prominent voices have been chiming in about the matter including pastor T.D. Jakes. In July 2022, Jakes sparked criticism online after he claimed families were raising women to be too independent and “aggressive.”

“This breaks all the sociological order of the culture we are living in now. Because we are raising up women to be men,” Jakes said during a fiery sermon. “You are not applauded for your femininity,” the pastor continued, speaking to his all-female congregation.

“You are applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful [and] possessive you are. And you’re climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families.” 

What do you think about this debate? Who’s right in your opinion? Are you tired of hearing about it altogether? Sound off in the comments section.


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