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When preparing our vehicles or homes for the winter season, we check, change, repair and replenish to ensure all is in working order to meet the challenges the season may bring. The same attentiveness is warranted for the care of the body’s largest organ, the skin. When was the last time you tuned up your skincare regimen to fit the cold months? Reflect and inspect the bevy of products lining your drawers and shelves. How do you determine best practices or products to fit your specific needs?

One Size Skincare Does Not Fit All

Your skincare plan should not be cookie-cutter but individualized to address your specific area of concern or maintenance. Ideally, your regimen should be a detour away from problem skin, address an existing problem or enhance its current condition. 

With each season change, your skin reacts accordingly and so should your skincare. Think about what you are likely to do when the first cold snap hits: you retreat indoors for the winter. Outdoor activities cease, thermostats rest on 70˚ and you bask in artificial light, thus contributing to less circulating humidity and less hydrated skin. 

Throughout the winter season, choose products with moisturizing factors for the skin. Be mindful of piling on products that prevent the skin from breathing and contribute to acne. A naked face at bedtime is ideal, though, topical creams, lotions or serums may be applied—but not every night. The skin naturally regenerates itself, and too much of anything stifles the process. 


All Skincare Matters

Eyes and lips are not to be neglected during the winter. In this age of having our eyes plastered to a screen (artificial light source), they can use some skincare, too, if for nothing other than preventing eye strain and dry eye syndrome. Products which smooth, moisturize, tone and hydrate are appropriate for the eyes. Our beautiful lips benefit from products with natural waxes, for example: beeswax, shea butter and free of paraffin. The product used to cleanse the face is suitable for cleansing the lips.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It goes without saying that exercise benefits the skin. Some of us pack on the pounds during the bountiful holiday and winter season because we hibernate. When we exercise the skin naturally detoxifies, microcirculation increases, strengthens the connective tissue to firm the skin. Who doesn’t appreciate taut skin. Please do not forsake hydrating the body by consuming hydrating beverages, especially water. 

Do not attempt to force your moisturizers, body lotions and such to do all the hydrating. You will just produce ash later in the day because the skin is just happy to be hydrated. Hydration inside-out works best and is a core component of optimum skincare.

While others may dispute the application of sun protection during the winter months, it is optional when your products contain appropriate moisturizing factors. Some makeup contains sun protection, and this is sufficient.

Are You Cleansing Properly?

When cleansing the face, do not forget to include the neck. The cleanser should contain active ingredients for your relevant skincare needs. Apply cleanser and allow it to rest on the skin for a minimum of five minutes. Do not be so hasty to wipe on or wash off, but allow the cleanser to do its job before removing. After cleansing with warm water to open pores, follow up with a splash of cold, yes cold, water to close pores. You’ll thank us later.

Once you inspect what you currently have in your arsenal of products, simplify your skincare regimen with a cleanser, a face tonic or astringent such as Witch hazel and moisturizing cream for the face. A corrective may be used to treat acne, hyperpigmentation or other concerns. And just like that, your skin will be ready to take on winter.


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