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It’s getting real ugly on season 5 of Love and Marriage Huntsville. The drama is brewing in episode 4 when social media battles cross over into real life. Latisha lays down the law, Marsau reveals a messy secret, Martell feeds his ego at Melnika’s expense and Melody has some smoke for everybody. Folks are bringing out the big guns and they are ready for war. Whew Chile, let’s talk about it. 


Latisha And Marsau 


Marsau and Latisha visit the lot where their new home, Scott Manor, will be built. The lot looks the same as it did in 2019. According to Marsau, the numerous delays are a result of material shortages due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This storyline is reminiscent of Chateau Sheree, but we look forward to seeing Scott Manor—one day. Latisha tells her husband she wants to invest in her mother’s business. Marseau is hesitant because Mama Wanda doesn’t seem to have a solid business plan and she doesn’t always tell the truth. Tisha counteracts by reminding Marsau of his plans to rekindle his business relationship with Martell. Mrs. Scott finds Mr. Holt to be untrustworthy as well. Although the men had a successful business relationship in the past, Tisha claims Martell almost ruined her marriage by accusing the Scott brothers of being cheaters. The status of her “Love & Marriage” to Marsau was talked about on those Huntsville streets long before Martell accused him of having “20 women.” But she does agree to meet with Martell. 

When the old friends meet, Latisha informs Martell that things have changed since he was previously with the Scholt industries. Since she is the head sis in charge now, Martell will have to answer to her. The egotistical father of five says he has no problem answering “to a woman.” Interesting choice of words.   


Messy Martell 

Martel meets with his assistant Melneka to discuss the rumor about them having a sexual relationship. Melneka says she was Holt’s wedding planner, but she claims to have quit 2 months prior to the wedding when Martell tried to push up on her assistant. She claims that she allowed her mother to take over as the wedding planner because she wanted no parts of Martell’s messiness. Melody’s account was slightly different, but both women agree Melneka warned the soon-to-be Mrs. Holt about her man’s philandering ways.

This is when Martell blurted out “we haven’t slept together since high-school.” Wait what? The assistant wedding planner/former sneaky link was thrown off guard but she quickly recovered. She tried to mask her obvious discomfort with laughter. When she told Martell that she nor her assistant wanted him back then, Martell asked “Oh so you never wanted me?” The implications were clear in his tone. He then went on to ask the married woman if she ever cheated. Melneka pleads the fifth. It was childish and disrespectful for Martell to tell the world about their alleged high school fling, but there seems to be a lot of holes in both of their stories. It’s no wonder Melody was suspicious of these two. Love & marriage in Huntsville, Alabama is hard, yo


Vanessa Got Her Groove Back

Melody sits down with her mother Vanessa to discuss the ridiculous social media war between them and the Scotts. They are all too old for this foolishness. Mama Vanessa admits to making a shady post aimed at Latisha but she was only defending her baby. When Melody was still married, she released a line of “team wife” t-shirts. A year later Latisha showed up to an event wearing the “team-wife” tee which appeared to be passive-aggressive slight to the now-divorced, Melody.  Weaponizing one’s marital status is not only corny but oftentimes, it will come back to haunt you in the worst way.

After Mama Vanessa jumped in the social media shade, Marsau posted a cryptic message of two personalized coke bottles side by side; one that said Vanessa and the other Scott. We learn that Mama Vanessa once had a relationship with Marsau’s brother, Mark. According to Latisha, Mama Vanessa had hopes of marrying into the Scott family. Marsau claims that Melody’s mom was paying his brother’s bill’s including his child support. Although Vanessa admits she tried to “help a man while he was down,” she denies having an intimate relationship with the Scott brother. Vanessa is a grown woman, and she can date whomever she pleases. Mark is not part of this show, so his love life shouldn’t be discussed. Marsau is whack for putting his brother’s business in these streets. 



Destiny’s beauty supply store is having its re-re-re opening (shout out to Unca Clifford). She invites the entire gang except for Melody Holt. She also hires Ms. Wanda, Letisha’s mother, to do the cooking. The uninvited Melody plans to crash the event to confront Ms. Wanda. The party is in full swing until a mysterious golden G-wagon pulls into the parking lot. Just as we sit at the edge of our seats with our popcorn in hand, the screen fades to black: To be continued. 

Own, y’all wrong for that. 


Love and Marriage Huntsville returns to Own Saturday, Oct 8 at 8pm EST.

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