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Candace Owens, Chrissy Teigen.     Source: Dimitrios Kambouris; Jason Davis / Getty

Candace Owens came down pretty hard on Chrissy Teigen during the latest episode of Candace. The political commentator criticized her for being so open about the loss of her son Jack in 2020.

Teigen is always open about her pregnancy journeys and when she lost Jack she didn’t treat the experience any different. She and John Legend shared heartbreaking photos of them at the hospital in tears and saying farewell to little Jack. At the time, she shared that she had a miscarriage. But she recently realized that it was a life-saving abortion.

While speaking at Propper Daley’s “A Day of Unreasonable Conversation” summit, she said that she realized she had “an abortion to save my life for a baby that had absolutely no chance.”

Now that some time has passed, Candace Owens slammed Teigen for even sharing such private moments via social media. During the segment, she accused Teigen of being addicted to social media and looking for redemption from a social media scandal where she was “cancelled” over telling a Twitter user to kill themselves.

“If there was a firestorm about how disgusting and horrible of a person that she had been online to so many people and then suddenly she pops up she’s pregnant and then she loses her child, that the scandal would be overshadowed by the outpour of sympathy.”

“Once again, the press then says, ‘Oh, forget all the suicide stuff, she’s so brave. Look at her, she’s photographing herself going through a miscarriage. We love her again.’ Right? Wrong,” Owens said.

Owens took aim at Teigen for even posting the “graphic” pictures in the first place and asked who would take such photos.

“It begs the question: who took the photo?” Owens said. “Like, who actually, after they lose their child, who would be so invasive as to take their phone out or take a camera out and photograph a woman in this horrible position, this very sad position?”

She went on to question who the other person was in the hospital room taking pictures of her and Legend.

“If John Legend didn’t take that photo of her initially, who was the third person that was in this hospital during the time of COVID lockdowns, by the way, when people were not even allowed to have their husbands in there?”

Owens, who is a mother of two, went on to call the model a “sick and mentally ill individual” for “inserting herself” into the abortion conversation that has started since the Roe v. Wade reversal. She also said if anyone wants to examine how social media causes mental illness, Teigen would be the perfect person to study.

“The fact that you would use a dead child for attention, not once but twice! You just said it’s evolved and I’m going to metamorphize this thing that happened to me. First, it was a miscarriage and you felt bad for me. But wouldn’t you now think I’m so brave if I say my miscarriage was instead an abortion? This is what is going on in her sick, twisted, demented little head.”

Before she released the episode she unloaded on Teigen on her Instagram story. She wrote:

Now I feel like it’s open season, and she’s a mentally disturbed person and we need to talk about it. Because the mental disease that social media is creating for so many people, she is the number one example of it.

Also as an aside—she never apologized to a single person that she told to commit suicide. The media is trying to make you magically forget—and to instead feel sympathy for a mentally disturbed individual. I refuse.

@chrissyteigen is not a victim. She victimizes.

Take a look at what Owens said below.



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