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In the recent episode of The Adult’Hood: A Podcast for Geriatric Millenials, hosts Lexi and Alex break down all of the trials and tribulations of dating as older millennials.

Dating Then Vs. Now

The hosts discuss how dating has changed since their parents’ generation, and even from when they were younger. Growing up, they both watched shows that depicted the “perfect” family life in which the mom lived to make her husband happy — everything from cartoons like The Jetsons to live-action shows like The Cosby Show depicted couples who met young, started families young and prioritized marriage.

By the time they reached dating age, both say the messaging had changed. At that point, Lexi says, she was told to just “Focus on school” and the right partner would come. Alex agrees, he was told “You go and do what you gotta do and you will magically meet the woman of your dreams.” And that advice is why the two are single at this age — says Lexi.


Battle Of The Sexes

The hosts also talk about the current combative climate between men and women. It’s competitive with a touch of delusion.

“There’s no balance these days. It’s women against men,” says Lexi.

With the emergence of social media, Lexi and Alex agree egos are inflated. Everybody sees what looks like limitless options online and says to themselves, “I deserve the best.” But they don’t ask themselves if they have worked on themselves enough to be worthy of that.

“Maybe you don’t even qualify,” says Lexi.

There is a lot of game playing, too, according to the hosts. Alex says men get the message, “You’re a simp if you take a girl out to dinner.”

While his father’s generation looked for ways to woo and spoil a romantic interest, Alex’s generation is all about withholding that treatment. Lexi says women play games, too. She admits to setting a timer to make sure she doesn’t text a man back too soon.

Where there was once a focus on true connection and compatibility, Alex says now singles focus on winning the “best” person they can land. It’s less about a real bond and more about chasing status.


Social Media Etiquette + That New Love

Next the two dive into current dating trends among Gen Z and how to engage a love interest on social media. Lexi says that men constantly ask her how to get a woman’s attention on Instagram. Her answer is layered. It goes like this:

  1. Like some photos
  2. But don’t like too many, too quickly because it’s creepy and
  3. Don’t just engage in those bikini pics (take an interest in her personality/intellect).

Alex and Lexi agree that things aren’t as clear-cut as they used to be. There was a time when you just asked for someone’s phone number — not their IG — and made your intentions known from the start. But so much is changing now, and Gen Z is moving away from traditional relationships. In fact, less commitment and fewer boundaries are becoming the norm with things like “ethical non-monogamy” becoming a trend.


Final Words

Accepted norms and etiquette in the dating world are changing too fast. But Alex has one piece of advice for women, including geriatric millennials, Gen Z and beyond: shoot your shot. Men don’t need a lot to know you’re interested — just give them breadcrumbs and they’ll take it from there. And Lexi is serious about not getting like-happy on those bikini pics — once you look creepy, you can’t undo that.


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