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2021 Spelman College Commencement

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College students are entering a new stage in life just as they enter their freshman year. Many are figuring out how to represent themselves in a new space and in a new light. All this can be daunting. However, having a few staple pieces in their closet may put your young scholar at ease—at least till they get a grasp on what their personal style actually is. 

One thing is for certain: The young freshman you send off to college will not be the same one who returns home. Sending off the young adult in your life with new swag is one way to help jumpstart their evolution. Tap into these back to school style essentials that will make their transition into college life a smooth one. 



If there’s one thing a college student wants, it is comfort and convenience. Trust that they’ll want to be able to wake up for an 8 AM class and jump into the quickest shoe to get them out the door. –and there’s nothing like a good pair of slides to trek across a college campus comfortably. Luckily, slides have become a norm in today’s culture. These days, there are comfy yet stylish slides that fit most student taste, be it campy, braided, athletic or designer. Slide options can even add a little jazz to young adult attire and be worn in sports mode for more security. 


Backpack and Fanny packs 

Not only are college level books expensive, they are heavy. Lugging the required reading material requires a durable backpack but a stylish one nonetheless. Textbooks will eat up all the space, leaving very little room for personal items. Fanny packs are functional in that way and happen to be cute. The options are endless. Not having to dig through a backpack–that is weighed down with books–to find a dorm key is pricless.


Fun Frames 

Non-prescription frames are a vibe. The varying styles are abundant and inexpensive. Loading up on multiple stylish frames won’t break the bank. Switching up accessories is an easy way to explore personal style. No commitment is needed for this trend. There are soft glam looks for the razzle dazzle student; a dainty pair of cat-eyed frames for the chic freshman; an oversized, retro pair would come in handy for the college student who is into 1980s and 90s fashion. 



If there is one thing college youth love– it’s a good sweatshirt. Sweatshirts and hoodies alike have become a staple item in everyday wardrobes and they easily highlight personal style. Students can display their interests in movies, music or pop culture, while  cocooned in comfort. –and in cold weather, sweatshirts come through in the clutch, adding a layer of warmth. 


College Letterman Jackets

Reaching college is a dream for so many. A Letterman is the ultimate way to represent. It’s a student’s way of telling the world they arrived. The look is timeless and works with most styles. An embroidered jacket with a student’s name provides a personal touch and levels up their fashion sense. 


Dorm Room Drip

One of the most exciting experiences in transitioning to college is moving into the dorm. The college freshman is laying claim to their own space. Thus, dorm room drip is essential.  Stylish bedding is a must, as a custom area rug. Pops of color will literally make a muted dorm room pop. Personalizing the space with their own lighting, wall decor, shelving, and bathroom towels will not only transform the room but make it theirs. 


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