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Freddy P, known as a member of Da Band, has been speaking out against Diddy and accusing him of ruining his life. He recently uploaded a video where he spoke about contemplating suicide since his forceful exit from the music industry.

“This year alone I’ve contemplated suicide three or four times. I done pictured my brother walking in and finding me dead. I cried a few times thinking about leaving my son because I just get tired of life. But no matter what you gotta do you just gotta keep at it … there’s n***** that wanna see you fall.”

“Like this n**** Puffy is the main motherf******’ reason why I hate f****** life, dawg. People don’t even understand. Like, I don’t even give a f***. I’ve never been to a point where I thought of suicide my whole life, never. I mean, I’m a gangsta.”

“I don’t even know how I started thinking like that. I done had it all and I fell to the bottom. How do you come back from that when you battling a giant? It ain’t got nothing to do with your skill no more ’cause your skill is 90 percent better than any n**** that’s out there right now and the world knows it.”

After this video circulated around the internet, he sat down with The Neighborhood Talk’s DeAsia Robinson and elaborated on his statements.

“Diddy you ain’t never had a talent in your life,” he said. “Somebody gave you the opportunity to open up the door and find talent. Find talent. His recipe to me has been signing poor people with a story…and get paid off people with a story. You not from that! You can’t tell these stories. You didn’t come up like how we came up.”

He added that Diddy got his $900 million fortune from “exploiting people” like the late Black Rob, Loon and Mase. Freddy P also said when he sees Diddy’s sons, Justin and Christian Combs, buying cars and “doing goofy s***” that he is offended because they are “spending his money.” He went on to describe how being dropped by Diddy has changed his views on life.

“He makes me hate life so much to where I don’t care about death,” he continued.

The Miami native said he also doesn’t understand why his fellow group mates don’t speak on being wronged by Diddy. Two of them Babs Bunny and Willie Taylor of Day 26, then chimed in.

During an interview with M. Reck TV on YouTube, Babs Bunny said she can’t fully agree or share all of the same feelings with Freddy P.

“A lot of the stuff I can agree with him, but I might say I can’t really relate,” she says around the 3:50-minute mark. “We all went through the same process. We all had the same contracts. We all was in the same house. We all was on the same stage. And so at the end of the day, we all had that same situation happen as far as when it comes down to business.”

Babs Bunny, who has her own female battle rap league Queen of the Ring, said she does agree that the contracts were crooked.

“I was just like, ‘Wow’,” the Brooklyn native said about her reaction to Freddy P’s comments.  “He said that the contracts were shitty, and they were. I definitely agree. All of us can really relate to that as far as the paperwork is concerned. I would not say it was my worst nightmare. It was dreams coming true with nightmares in and out. For me, that was my experience. I was a sponge. Not matter all the negative things, I just tried to focus on all the positive things that I learned, which allowed me to keep pushing.”

Willie Taylor, who appeared on season four of Making the Band, also added his two cents and said Diddy set his group up to fail as well


In the caption he added that  “#MTB4 Day 26/Danity Kane are talented groups but the situation in which we met was designed to to fail.”

See Freddy P’s full comments below.


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